Post Graduate Diploma in Women Studies

Post Graduate Diploma in Women Studies is an interdisciplinary program, which includes the branches of study from social sciences, humanities, and arts. It is a year-long program. 


The objective of this program is as follows:

  • to learn skills to analyze the past and present situation of women of different cultures, society, and so on
  • to learn about gender-based inequalities and feminism
  • to study, analyze, and understand the social construction of gender roles and stereotypes
  • to learn about the construction of an image of a woman/women through media, literature, science, and likewise


The completion of this course allows graduates to get job opportunities in both the private and government sectors. Some of the job opportunities after the completion of this course are:


Post Graduate Diploma in Women Studies is currently only offered by Tribhuvan University. It is available at TU’s Central Department of Home Science, Padma Kanya Campus.

Padma Kanya Multiple Campus (PKMC)

PKMC is a renowned campus in Nepal, especially within the Kathmandu Valley. Established in 1951 AD, the college has played an important role in the field of education in Nepal. The college provides courses in Science & Technology, Humanities & Social Sciences, and Management. Post Graduate Diploma in Women Studies is one of the unique courses provided by this academic institution. 

Address: Bagbazar, Kathmandu

Phone no.: 01 4224149, 421712




 The applicants must fulfil the following criteria in order to apply for this program:

  • a degree in Bachelor of Arts or equivalent with an average of 50% or above

The degree must be from TU or an institution recognized by TU.

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