Bachelor of Health Care Management (BHCM)


When it comes to health care, we think about doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other medical officers. Health Care management is a course related to the way to deliver the service of healthcare. This is to say that the one who is rendering services of healthcare is called healthcare managers or administrators who decide the way through which the services ar3 delivered to the needy people, victim or patient. These individuals are responsible for delivering the health services who looks after the clerical tasks of a hospital, doctor’s clinic, nursing home or a take care center.

What does the course involve?

We all are familiar with the study of a doctor or a nurse whose courses are truly oriented towards medicine, medical and service facility. Healthcare management is a newer concept in the field of healthcare. This does not only treat people but avoid diseases. The course of healthcare management includes the following contents:

Managerial course

Medical terminologies




Health system and policy

Health care law

Strategic Planning

Human Resource Management

Besides, the course involves research methodologies,  internship, and specialization course as well.

Objectives of the course

We are all familiar with the functioning of a hospital, clinics or a take care center where we go with prioritized healthcare. Here are the major objectives of healthcare management as a course:

  1. To assure the competent medical, operational and financial ability to serve the patients, their families and the community.
  2. To produce qualified healthcare administrators/ managers or professionals
  3. To make the students familiar with modern principles, concepts, and ways of healthcare management
  4. To awake awareness among the students about the importance of healthcare management and
  5. To make the students  understand the fundamental  role that healthcare plays in strengthening the development of a country
  6. To establish the importance of healthcare law in a nation
  7. To develop human resource to manage hospitals finances
  8. To make the students capable of building community relations
  9. For the enhancement of public policy
  10. To prepare students for higher level studies and graduate courses

Scope of the course

As we came to know about the objectives of the course, it focuses on health service management. Doctors and nurses are familiar with health issues and their solutions but their organization is necessary at the same time so the service can be affordable, comparable and accessible to every individual and health must be the prior objective of a human. Here are the major scopes of healthcare management:

  1. Health care homes
  2. Hospitals and clinics
  3. Hospices
  4. Insurance
  5. Medical directors
  6. Pharmaceuticals
  7. Hospital quality consultant
  8. Healthcare administrators
  9. Rehabilitation centers
  10. National health programs and global health activities

Universities Offering the course In Nepal

Pokhara University

Pokhara University has started the course in Nepal since 2000 AD to fulfill the need felt by the nation in the absence of proper execution of medical services. There requires operational functioning in various fields including healthcare. Knowing this, the university initiated a course in management of healthcare that makes the students familiar with medical terminologies and management as well. The eight semesters (4 years) course will prepare the students to enter in the field of healthcare with a managerial skill as the course involves specialization and internship as well.


The students must have completed the intermediate studies from any stress (science, management, and humanities)

The students must have scored ‘C’ in concerned subjects or minimum second division

The candidate must pass written test and personal interview


The affiliation of the course by the university has been given to five different colleges within and outside the Kathmandu valley.

Colleges inside Kathmandu

Nobel College

Sinamangal, Kathmandu

Tel: 977 01-4110525/ 4110590

Fax: 977 01-4110880



2. National Open College (NOC)

Sanepa, Lalitpur

Tel: 01-5183226, 5183298

Healthcare: 016-222222

Fax: +977 01 5183226



3. Atharva College

Maharajgunj, Kathmandu

Tel: 977-1-4372966, 9851014413



4. Norvic Business School

Hattisar, kamaladi, kathmandu

Tel: 01-4438293,4419306


Colleges outside the Kathmandu valley

Amity College

Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur

Tel: +977 99 520270



As a whole, BHCM is a course that organizes healthcare services. The course in Nepal was launched 75 years after its introduction in the USA. Having the course launched by a well-known university in Nepal, it has been able to fulfill the need of healthcare administrator or an executive in the field of healthcare and aims in publishing the need of healthcare managers in hospitals, clinics, research centers, and all other health-related sectors.  

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