Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology (BE IT)



BE-IT is an abbreviation of Bachelors of Engineering in Information Technology; a course organized for undergraduate people that aim in providing the concept about use of computers, software, networking, application, programming in an industrial scale. The course provides the concept acquired by the IT engineers from the creation, installation in the execution of information in a technical way. It mainly covers the study of three main areas of information technology that are network administration, computer support, and programming.

Significance of BE IT

Unlike other IT courses and engineering, BE  IT is a course specialized in Information Technology with the base of engineering. This is to say that it is a combined course for technical engineers who wants to develop their career in the field of Information Technology with a degree of engineering. Engineering as a course is more about practical knowledge with the theoretical concept. Thus, this course is the practical implementation and functioning of Information Technology. The course syllabus may be the same as of other technical subjects oriented towards information technology but the recognition is different from the tag engineer that denotes innovative and productive with the functioning ability.

Scope of the course

In present days, It is an evolving course that has a wider extension from industries to a variety of other sectors. The major scope of this course are listed below:

  1. Web Developer and Designer
  2. Data Security Officer
  3. Database Manager
  4. Software Developer
  5. Information Technology Engineer
  6. System Analyst
  7. Computer Programmer
  8. Database Administrator

University offering the course in Nepal

Pokhara university offers the course on a semester basis with a duration of 48 months for the overall syllabus. Evaluation is done with Gpa and the following colleges provide the courses:

Cosmos College of Engineering and Management

Address: Tatopani, Near Satdobato


Everest Engineering and Management College

Address: Sanepa-2


Nepal Engineering College (NEC)

Address: Changunarayan


Nepal College of Information Technology

Address: Balkumari


As a whole, BE IT is a unique blend of Information and Communication Technology. It prepares students to function effectively in this dynamic technological era. It is perfectly designed to meet the needs of an ever growing Information and Communication Technology industry here or abroad.

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