BSc IT is the abbreviation of Bachelors in Science in Information Technology. It is an undergraduate course given to the students who just passed their high school and want to build up a career in the field of Information Technology. B.Sc. IT is all about storing, processing, securing and managing Information. Some of the important topics that one will come across in the course are information Database, Networks, software development and testing and programming and so on. .BSC IT is a course that accommodates the knowledge of computing, networking, web designing and software that has a diverse field of the world in this era that activates with technology.

Features of BSC IT

Unlike BIT, BIM, BSC CSIT, BSC IT is a course offered for the students who want to enter in the field of technology belonging to the science background and want to be a student of science. This course involves the theoretical patterns and the practical procedures as well. Here are some salient features of BSC IT:

  • In addition to conventional lectures, it has a great deal of practical and project works.
  • It upgrades the underlying concept of Computer Science and Information Technology and expresses how their principles can be applied to solve the actual existing problems.  
  • The program develops the skills which are necessary for   professionals and researchers including IT managers, Systems Analysts, Network Administrator, Computer Programmers, Database Administrator, Web Developers, etc.
  • BSC IT is comprised of subjects that introduces the field of technology with the idea of computing.

Scope of BSc IT

BSC IT is solely a program designed in the field of Information Technology that pushes an individual with the deepest knowledge and broader concept of the technical way of dealing with business and other information. This modern world demands technical manpower with a higher level of efficiency, effectiveness, and rapidity. Thus, BSC IT is a pickup subject that will not be faded away with the trend but grows and gets extended with the growth of time. Some of the major scopes of BSC IT are mentioned below:

  • Software Engineer / Programmer is the positions held the students of BSC IT.
  • Developer (.NET / JAVA / C++ etc…) are the necessity of today’s world that is accommodated within the course of BSC IT.
  •  Database Administrator will help the students extend their reach in the field of administration in a technical way.
  • Network Programmer.
  • System Analyst is a recognized position that sets up the emerging systems for the rapidity in the workforce.
  • The students can act as a Business Analyst that helps them in accessing in the technical way of marketing and business.

BSC IT in Nepal

BSC IT has been one of the top subjects that students choose after high school. The reason behind the preference is already mentioned above, here are some of the reputed colleges for BSC IT in Kathmandu:

  1. ISMT College

Affiliation: University of Hertfordshire UH

Location: Tinkune, Gairigaun, Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone: 01-4485278, 01-4485279


ISMT has varied campuses in places like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, and Butwal with the same level of quality education and practical course study.

There are fewer colleges of BSC IT in Nepal because the course is almost covered by BSC CSIT which is comparatively vague and BIT that can even be applied by the students belonging to management faculty.  Overall, whatever subjects or course you choose, IT is never a field that fades but in act gets broader and better with the modernization of societies in the world.

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