BBA-TT; Travel and Tourism


To begin with, what is to travel? Travel is a way of learning that allows you to leran with no restrictions; a field that is so open to you that does not needs imagination or a suppsoition but the actual visuality. In general, travelling means to move to a certain distance for the purpose of an activity or a refreshment.Toursim refers to an act of being away from home within the destination for a purpose; an economic and social phenomenon in general. Toursim is a way of travelling that deals with having usual schedule than the usual days.  The ultimate aim to travel is to build connection, socialise, explore, learn and earn. You earn money if that’s for a business and you’ll earn memories if that is for an experience and exploration. Hence, travel is a joy one hands to themselves because life cannot be limited within four walls or 100 times 100 square feets.

What is BBA-TT?

BBA-TT is an abbreviation of Bachelors in Business Administration- Travel and Tourism. Toursim being one of the festest growing eocnomic sectors in the world is a new way to progress. As we know that BBA as a degree that creates the strong foundation in business fundamentals and  an understanding of their application in real-world work environments; BBA_TT is specialised in the field of travel and tourism. It deals with the foundation of business in response to the travelling agencies and tourism as a business. The course is designed in such a way that facilitates the studnets in knowing about toursim sectors within an area and beyond as their specialisation which creates the framework of working strategies, marketing, dealings and operations of tourism as an additional knowledge to the basic concept of business administration.

Objectives of BBA-TT

The major objective sof this programs are illustrated below:

  • Todevelop  the managerial capabilityand skills among the studnets taht are  important to address the needs of the Travel and Tourism industry.
  • To develop basic knowledge and base for enhancement of diagnostic, critical thinking and choice making aptitudes.
  • To give a wide understanding of the basic standards of administration related to the Travel and Tourism industry.
  • To offer the students with the  instruments and management abilities to wind up their decision taking ability in the Travel and Tourism industry.
  • To furnish candidate with the capacity to direct research and produce a superb exploration which includes the capacity to choose, characterize and center upon an issue at a proper level, to investigate the issue, to create suggestions and finalize conclusions.
  • To prepare graduates for leadership and professional positions in the tourism-travel industry
  • To provide service to the global economy by providing well-qualified, ethically sensitive graduates
  • To generate a better conecpt  in the toursim industry through research.

Scope of BBA-TT

As we came to know about the tourism as a fastest growing business in modern days, this subject ahs a wider scope as it is scpecialised with the administration of travel and toursim. The major scopes of the course are listed below:

  • Travel agencies
  • Airlines
  • Hotels
  • Allied industries.
  • Tourism Departments
  • Tour operators  
  • Transport managers
  • Entrepreneur

Besides, they can also enter in the field og business administration as they have a combine dknowldge of  BBA with tarvel and tourism as an additional knowledge.

Universities offering the course

Here is a list of top universities that provides course related to travel and tourism in the world:

Anglia Ruskin University

Cambridge, England


Teesside University

Middlesbrough, England


The University of New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana


University of Central Lancashire

Preston, England


Hawaii Pacific University

Honolulu, Hawaii


University of Sunderland

Sunderland, England


Sacred Heart University

Fairfield, Connecticut


Canterbury Christ Church University

Canterbury, England


BHU – Banaras Hindu University,

Varanasi, India


AIHM Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management, Guwahati


University offering the course in Nepal

Pokhara University

Pokhara University is one of the universities of Nepal that offers the course to the interested students knowing the evolving concept of tourism and Nepal and its adverse effect on nepalese economy.  It is a four year program that meets the general concept for setting up a career into the tourism industries and is best course for the travel enthusiast with the knowledge and business and administration. The affiliated colleges are given below:

Apex College

Address: 1261 Devkota Sadak, Mid-Baneshwor, Kathmandu

Phone no.: 4467922, 4478841


Citizens College

Address: Satdobato, Next to Swimming Pool P.O. Box- 392 , Lalitpur

Phone no: +977-1-5545684, +977-1-5545685



As a whole, the course is appropriate for the travel enthusiastic who aims to setting up a business on their own as it is a perfect blend of business administration in the field of travel and tourism. The compulsory internship session makes the course interesting as well as practical as well that allows students to research and learn better.

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