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Education has been one of the basics among the present generation. Theoretical knowledge needs to be interpreted for a practical one so that education gives its true meaning. Education has not just conferred its meaning into grabbing good marks and certificate but enlightening themselves with knowledge and ideas in fact. Therefore, learning has been the common thirst for which the students are in search of a better platform to study and explore education in a better way.

Education has its diverse areas. Primary and secondary education is what we are granted for but then higher education and the appropriate option ultimately becomes our field of concern. We have been facilitated to study but then most of us are given the privilege to decide what to study. This is the main reason for students preferring good universities and better courses that are available in different corners of the country. One’s field of interest cannot be limited within the physical territory of a nation. Thus, the students of the present generation are taking some foreign universities as their destinations.

Education In Nepal

Nepal is a developing country where education has been flowing as one of the basic infrastructures. Universities have been widely set up in urban areas but the students are deprived of the secondary schooling in the remotest villages.  This shows the growth of education yet it requires to be flourished. The literacy rate has been raised with the extension of education as basic infrastructure. In connect to developed areas, privatization of schools has been done long ago whereas a number of universities have its affiliation in varieties of fields and colleges. Most of the common courses across the world are being accessed within Nepal itself by various national and international universities.

Reasons behind the flow of students to a foreign nation

Nepal has a theoretical way of studying where a student is allocated time to study. Unlike foreign nations, we are the dependent population for years and years until we don’t become stable on our own. Here are the major reasons behind the flow of students to the foreign states for their studies:

  • Explore

Learning should never be limited within four walls and a bundle of books. Students prefer some recognized universities to explore the world and see what is better for them rather than deciding with reviews and assumptions. Seeing the world can be the biggest opportunity for you to study. You can explore an entirely new place and groom up in a new environment as well.

  • Education

One university may not be able to provide better education in every faculty because there has been a trend of comparison since long ago. Some of the universities are specialized in an area or a field that can make you focused as well. Education is the foremost thing that one student consider. Therefore, a foreign university can match up your level of expectations with their identical way of preparing students for their chosen career.

  • Adopt a new environment

As you decide to study in a foreign nation, you are ready to embrace a new form of culture as well because nations are identical to their distinct environment. You will be finding a better way of exploring human existence, their variation in terms of society, culture and traditional ethics as well. You can feel the development and the levels of the standard being followed in different corners of the world. In fact, a  new environment has a lot more to serve their new people where you can be the one.

  • Sharpen your language skill

The world is full of textures that are identical from states to states. When the areas itself are not similar, some are full of mountains whereas the plain land rule in another area, the lives unique people with their own, language and culture. You can bless yourself with an opportunity of accepting their way of living and learning what they speak. Overall, language is a key factor to settle or stay in a new place which can be a plus point in your way of learning.

  • Career Opportunity

You can get a better life than expected when you decide to study in a foreign nation because you get a lot more new platforms to stand on and cultures to learn. This will allow you to expose yourself for better career options as you excel in your studies. Not only this, you can explore more of your subject not just the place or the people.

  • Networking

The idea of studying in an entirely new state makes you able to network with people worldwide, make some life long friends and discover varieties of culture at a new place too. This will definitely build up a chain of networking.

  • Personality Development

When you choose to stand unlike an ordinary, you have to struggle on having unusual; unusual in a sense that makes you creative, genuine and actual confident. Therefore, studying in abroad destinations develops your personality because exploring everything new will contribute in you up-growing as the study in an abroad nation is not just going to be with books and pen.

Top countries for abroad studies

The trend of preferring foreign states for their higher studies by the students is a common one in today’s days, we must be able to take this article into consideration before deciding where we are moving. Here is a list of countries for better studies in terms of their universities and the major peculiarities:

  • USA

The USA has a wide range of choices depending on your courses, budget with their identical facilities of making you a focussed student and a successful person further. There are 629 public institutions, 1,845 private institutions when you go for four years courses whereas there are 1071 public universities and 596 private institutions for two years with a number of enrolled students. Choose any universities out there but remember developed countries have developed policies that will not let the colleges decline in case of education.

students cannot afford the university in a normal basis but then you get awarded with scholarships when you actually have a genuine feeling of studying with proficiency in the language they sue and the marks and standards they’ve set. Therefore, studying in a good university within USA will never be a regret unless you don’t bother studying.

  • Australia

The flow of students in Australia for a wide range of course since decades. This is because there are 43 universities in Australia and the number of institutions. You have been privileged with the facility of working hours that will not create an economic burden for Nepalese students because it is not easy to spend in dollars when you are funded with rupees. Therefore, Australia can be your destination when you meet the language criteria, colleges proposals and ultimate standard for fulfilling the desired requirements according to your university or a college.

  • Japan

Japan is an Asian country due to which you don’t have to worry more about visas and cost or expenses. Japanese is a must when you are applying for Japan. There are 86 national universities, 95 public universities, 597 private universities in Japan that can give you a number of options to decide one for your good. Japan has one of the world’s best-educated populations as well. Therefore, it can contribute you to gaining more and learning.

  • United Kingdom

Preference for the country in less in case of developing countries but the UK is one of the top country welcoming international students as it is attractive with the education system, policies and learning facilities. There are around 130-150 universities out of which England accommodate the most. The UK is a developed nation which primarily focuses on quality education for every student studying out there.

  • Canada

You can study in a bilingual environment and get the classes from world best education system if you choose Canada for your studies. You can also get some experience after your study within Canada that adds up glow to your studies as it shows how practical you are with the course. Thus, Canada can never go wrong for your studies but you can be rejected in the absence of the desired standards and language skills to meet their dominance while speaking. There are 96 universities with some institutions as well.

  • Germany

As we know, German is entirely new with its language that has a language procedure beforehand in order to apply for the country for your studies. When it comes to educations, Germany is one of the top study destinations with 380 official universities. Low tuition fees, high reputed jobs, personality development excellent post-graduate job opportunities will not discourage you to study in Germany.

  • France

Rich in itself, France is a better destination for the students as it serves you with the best. The places are specialized where you are ought to choose the good for you and filter the best out of it. Every corner has something exciting and thus this can make you learn better rather than having 9-5 duty within the library. There are 100 universities that the European Credit System that can help you learn in a flexible   what you were taught in Nepal.

  • Netherland

It has the provision of conducting the classes in Dutch or English that attract a number of international students across the world. The public universities in Netherland are regarded as the top one as the country has better education systems and strategies for excellent career holders. There are 14 research universities and 41 universities for applied science that makes you more specific for you choose out of a number of options.

  • India

Not to forget, the education system in India is comparative or impractical when compared with India. The neighboring country is far ahead in case of technology with 789 universities,37,204 colleges, and 11,443 stand-alone institutions in India. Therefore, don’t forget to look into the facilities and qualities of the course within India and in various states as nearer we are, it is easier to communicate and coordinate as well.

  • China

Education in China is more of a  state-funded that maintains the standard within the country rather than the discretion created by the name title das public and private. There are 2914 universities and colleges with a lot of priority for Asian students as it is one of the developed nations within Asia and world as well which was possible only because of quality education and techniques of using them wisely.

Besides, you must look after the country’s laws before applying in any university of any state that has been mentioned above or lot.  Countries like New Zealand, Spain, Ireland are also famous for international students. Choose it on the basis, of course, you are studying and the provisions being made in regards to you, your country and the cost that will be incurring. A student visa is not an easy one when you apply because a fault in your intention can make you suffer longer than the career. Therefore, be wise and think well before going for the best out of the millions of universities, tons of courses and attractive facilities as well. Don’t look for what you can fit in but choose out of the options selected for what fits within you on the basis of your abilities, expectations and career option.

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