BCA courses in Nepal

Introduction to BCA

Bachelor of Computer Application (B.C.A.) is technical program which delivers a bachelor degree in technical management department. It is a 4 year Bachelor degree program including eight semesters . It is accompanied with laboratory practices with computing systems.The primary objective of BCA program is to deliver an exceedingly qualified experts confer of both theoretical and useful information in computer system and its application.

BCA is the specialized part of training combined with the Management Studies. Along these lines, we see that the results of BCA are serving this present country’s eminent associations and groups with honourable designations. BCA results get the opportunities of employment in any field of business, Non legislative associations, business groups and associations where Management learning integrated with computer applications is preferred.

Entrance exam for BCA.

There will be a written entrance examination for BCA.. Before the entrance examination, there will be distribution and submission of admission form previously a month.

Admission form distribution and submission:

Entrance examination (Written):

Entrance examination (Time):

Application form fee Rs.1200/-.

Requirements to Study

Students willing to study BCA must have passed +2 with the minimum GPA of 2.0 (not less than D+, not even in a single subject) or PCL.

Universities Offering BCA In Nepal(Both Nepalese and Foreign)

1.  Tribhuvan University (TU)

Tribhuvan University (TU), is a government university in Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal is the oldest university in Nepal which was established in 1959 B.S. it is the tenth largest university in the world pertinent to the enrollment. The university provides 2,079 bachelor and 2,000 master programs across a wide range of disciplines. The university has 60 constituent campuses and 1,084 affiliated colleges all over the country. Since it is government financed, it is less expensive than private universities.

Address: TU Rd, Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal

Email: tucl@tucl.org.np

Tel: +977 – 1 – 4330834, 4331317

Website: http://www.tucl.org.np/

2. Kathmandu University (KU)

Kathmandu University (KU) is an autonomous governmental, public institution which is the third oldest university in Nepal which is located in Dhulikhel, Kavrepalanchok District, about 30 km east of Kathmandu. KU was founded in 1991 with the vision “Quality Education for Leadership”. This university starts through its seven schools and from premises in Dhulikhel, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur. The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in a variety of fields.

Address: Dhulikhel, Nepal

Email: web@ku.edu.np

Tel: 977-011- { 415100, 415200, 415021 }, 977-9801210035, 977-011-415005

Website: http://www.ku.edu.np/

3. Purbanchal University (PU)

Purbanchal University (PU) is a public university in Biratnagar which was established in 1993 by the Government of Nepal with its fundamental objective of preserving, refining, inventing, adopting, extending and transmitting knowledge in an environment that fosters free enquiry and open scholarly debate, leading to all-encompassing development of the rural people and their economies and environment. Purbanchal University conducts its academic programs through its five constituent campuses as well as more than 123 affiliate colleges.The university covers 545 hectares of land in its Biratnagar premises.

Address: Puspalal Chowk, Biratnagar, Nepal

Email: info@purbuniv.edu.np

Tel: 977- 021- 463701/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9

Website: http://purbuniv.edu.np/

4. Pokhara University (PU or PoU)

Pokhara University (PU or PoU Nepali: was founded in 1997 as Nepal’s fifth university. Its central office is in Pokhara Lekhnath municipality, Kaski district, Western Development Region. Along with Purbanchal University, PU was formed as part of the government’s policy for improved access to higher education. The prime minister is the university chancellor and the minister for education is the pro-chancellor. The vice chancellor is the principal administrator of the university.

Address: Lekhnath-12, Khudi, Dhungepatan, Kaski, Nepal

Email: info@pu.edu.np

Tel: 977-61-561046 / 560639

Website: www.pu.edu.np

BCA Colleges in Kathmandu and Outside Kathmandu

BCA Colleges in Kathmandu

Here are some reputed colleges for BCA inside Kathmandu Valley:

Divya Gyan College

Brief Introduction: It is one of the best college for Bachelor in Computer Application(BCA) , which is a 4 year bachelor degree and affiliated with TU. Divya Gyan College gives an extraordinary training system where students are occupied with expert courses. Every understudy will get a temporary job opportunity or an internship with industry introduction.

Address: Putalisadak, Kathmandu

Affiliated University: Tribhuvan University

Email :info@divyagyan.edu.np

Phone:  01-4246070

Website: http://www.divyagyan.edu.np

Kantipur City College (KCC)

Brief Introduction: Kantipur City College (KCC) is a reputed name in the sector of IT and Engineering in Nepal.which is affiliated with Purbanchal University and founded in 2000 A.D.

Address: Kathmandu,Putalisadak

Affiliated University: Purbanchal University

Email: info@kcc.edu.np

Phone: 4430239, 4437093

Website: www.kcc.edu.np/

Aryan School

Brief Introduction: Aryan School is the central body of Aryan School of Engineering and other Aryan institutions. It is also affiliated with Purbanchal University(PU).

Address: Kathmandu,mid baneshwor

Affiliated University: Purbanchal University(PU).

Email: info@thearyanschool.edu.np

Phone: 4485146, 01-4485148

Website: www.thearyanschool.edu.np

Janamaitri  Multiple College

Brief Introduction: Janamaitri  Multiple College was established in 2047 B.S. JMC has been one of the reputed education institution in Nepal. It is the best College that provides the best Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) program in Nepal.

Address: Kuleshwor, Kathmandu

Affiliated University: Tribhuvan University(TU).

Email: info@janamaitri.edu.np

Phone: 01-4031003


Kathford International College

Brief Introduction:  Kathford International College of Engineering and Management provides you substantially more than a degree. It offers you an exceptional experience which consolidates our training based showing methodology with a scope of chances to give you learning, skills and experience that sets you up for your future.

Address: Lalitpur,Balkumari

Affiliated University: Tribhuvan University

Email: info@kathford.edu.np

Phone: 977-1-5201241, 01-2050226

Website: http://www.kathford.edu.np

College of Information Technology and Engineering (CITE)

Brief Introduction:  College of Information Technology and Engineering (CITE) is one of the best Information Technology(IT) college in Nepal which was founded on 2000 A.D.

Address: Kathmandu,Subidha Nagar

Affiliated University: Purbanchal University

Email: www.cit.edu.np

Phone: 4111840

Website: www.cit.edu.np

Nepal College of Information Technology

Brief Introduction:  Nepal College of Information Technology was founded in 2001 A.D. with the vision to provide good quality education in Nepal.

Address: Lalitpur,Balkumari

Affiliated University: Pokhara University(PU)

Email: info@ncit.net.np

Phone: 01-5186354 01-5186358

Website: http://www.ncit.edu.np/

Padma Kanya Campus

Brief Introduction: Padma Kanya Campus was founded on 17th September 1951. It is one of the oldest institution in Nepal.It is the only government college that admits female students in Nepal.

Address: Kathmandu,Bagbazar

Affiliated University: Tribhuvan University(TU)

Email: info@pkcampus.edu.np

Phone: 4243758, 4221712, 4224149, 4258114

Website:  pkcampus.edu.np/

Texas International College

Brief Introduction:  Texas International College was established in 2009 B.S.  with a vision to make the students ready to accomplish what they are wanted for, amazing in research field, enough intelligent and support expanded learning.

Address: Kathmandu,Chabahil

Affiliated University: Tribhuvan University(TU)

Email: info@texasintl.edu.np

Phone: 977-1-4479017,4490670

Website: www.texasintl.edu.np

Patan Multiple Campus

Brief Introduction:   Patan Multiple Campus was founded on 2nd September, 1954.Multiple Campus offers different courses alongside the BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) program. The BCA course offered by Patan Multiple Campus is subsidiary to Tribhuvan University (TU).

Affiliated University: Tribhuvan University(TU)

Email:  info@patancampus.edu.np

Phone: 01-5549133

Website: patancampus.edu.np/

Lalitpur Engineering College

Brief Introduction:

Address: Chakupat,Patandhoka,Lalitpur

Affiliated University:

Email: info@lec.edu.np

Phone: +977-01-5260215/5260216

Website: www.lec.edu.np

BCA Colleges Outside Kathmandu

Here are some reputed colleges for BCA outside Kathmandu Valley:

Rapti Engineering College

Brief Introduction: Rapti Engineering College is one of the academic intuition that has been constantly providing non-theoretical education in Mid-western Region of Nepal which is situated in the mid-western region of Nepal and founded in 2008.. Many students from different rural region come to study here.

Address: Ghorahi,Saniambapur

Affiliated University:Pokhara University(PU)

Email: info@rec.edu.np, rcem_dang@yahoo.com

Phone: 082-562601, 563167

Website: http://rec.edu.np

National Infotech College

Brief Introduction: National Infotech College was founded in 2007. It is one of the most renowned institutions in the sector of Science and Technology. The college is located at Shreepur-14, Birgunj. The location of this college is pretty good for the students who seek to enjoy latest facilities like communication and transportation.

Address: Shiromani Tole , Birgunj -18 Parsa

Affiliated University:  Tribhuvan University


Phone:  051- 417200

Website: http://www.nationalinfotech.edu.np/

Gomendra Multiple Campus

Brief Introduction: Gomendra Multiple Campus is located in the middle of Jhapa district which was founded of 2053 B.S and of the best education institution in Jhapa with the aim of providing quality education in cheap or low fee structure for the youths.

Address: Birtamod,South From Muktichowk

Affiliated University: Purbanchal University (PU)

Email: info@gomendracollege.edu.np

Phone: 023-540892

Website: www.gomendracollege.edu.np

Crimson College of Technology (CCT)

Brief Introduction: Crimson College of Technology (CCT) was established in 2000 A.D. by a group of committed academicians from various educational foundations like IT, management, experts from health sciences and architects.

Address: Butwal,Devinagar

Affiliated University: Pokhara University

Email: info@cct.edu.np

Phone: 071-410380

Website: http://www.cct.edu.np/

National  Academy of Science and Technology (NAST)

Brief Introduction:  National  Academy of Science and Technology (NAST)  is an autonomous organization founded in 1982 to enhance and upgrade science and technology in the nation. It is the best college for BCA in far western development region whereas BCA course empowers the students to work in the field of Computer Science and Software Development.

Address: Uttar Behadi, Kailali

Affiliated University: Pokhara University

Email: info@nast.org.np / info@nast.gov.np

Phone: +977-91-521312, 091-523949     

Website: http://www.nast.gov.np/

Birat Kshitiz College

Brief Introduction: Birat Kshitiz College was founded on 2069 B.S. It is one of the first college to start BCA program in Nepal with an aim to provide expert skill over the span of study. The college has an extremely decent foundation to help the program.

Address: Biratnagar,Roadcyes Chwok

Affiliated University: Tribhuvan University(TU)

Email: kshitiz.brt@gmail.com

Phone: 021-470470

Website: http://kshitiz.edu.np/

Mahendra Multiple Campus

Brief Introduction: Previously, it was established as Narayan Inter College in 2014 B.S. and also one of the oldest and biggest institution in the Mid Western and Far Western Development Region in Nepal.

Address: Ghorahi,Deukhuri

Affiliated University: Tribhuvan University(TU)

Email: info@mmcampus.edu.np

Phone: 082-560035

Website: http://www.mmcampus.edu.np/

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