Full form : Kathmandu University Undergraduate Management Admission Test

General Instructions

  1. Applicants must complete the application form attaching three copies of their recent passport size photo
  2. Application forms are available from KUSOM reception on payment of Rs. 300 or can be downloaded from KUSOM website www.kusom.edu.np.
  3. Applicants should submit the completed application form along with an application fee of Rs.500 (nonrefundable) or Rs.800 for application form downloaded from KUSOM Website (non-refundable). Applicants are required to pay application fee in cash to admission office.
  4. Applicants should prepare themselves to sit for Kathmandu University Undergraduate Management Admission Test (KUUMAT).The details of the KUUMAT are provided along with the application form. Applicants using downloaded application form may collect the details of the KUUMAT and Sample Test Papers from the reception desk upon submission of completed application forms and due payment for application processing.
  5. Applicants must complete their application form correctly and fully. Incomplete and/or incorrectly completed application form may result in disqualification of the applicant whereby he/she will not be allowed to sit for the Admission Test.
  6.  KUSOM is not liable for the disqualification of any applicant from the admission process resulting from wrongly completed or incomplete form and non-compliance of the instructions provided.

Download official information about KUUMAT from here.

Download KUUSOM application from here.


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