M.Ed. In Nepali Language


As we know about M.Ed. that stands for masters in Nepali language, M.Ed.in Nepali language is the course offered by faculty of Education under Tribhuvan University that provides the graduates with the specialization in the Nepali language. M.Ed. is a course that produces the trained teachers and professional trainers to contribute in the field of education through strategic plans, researches, and up-gradation.

Nepali as a language

Nepali is the national language of an Asian developing country; Nepal which is being spoken in Nepal throughout, some parts of east and West India and has been spoken since decades. So, this is not a language on an international level but widely spoken national language. The objective of a course is not just about the language but deals with the education field in details.

What is the course about?

As we know about B.Ed. refers to Bachelor in Education but for undergraduate students, M.Ed. in Nepali is the specialization the students gets in Nepali language. Students can apply the specialization in following courses during their M.Ed. course;

  1. Curriculum and Evaluation
  2. Educational Planning and Management
  3. English Education
  4. Nepali Education
  5. Science Education
  6. Mathematics Education
  7. Health Education, Physical Education
  8. Economics Education
  9. Geography Education
  10. History Education

Political Science Education

Therefore, an M.Ed. in Nepali language is the specialization that graduates get in the field of Education.

Objectives of the course

To begin with, ME is a course chosen by the one who aims to develop a career as a professional teacher or establish themselves as capable trainers. Tribhuvan University has been providing the course since ages in Nepal that has included the following basis as their major objectives too:

  1. To support the understanding, realizing the fundamental obstacles of the education and help the graduates in bringing their skills and knowledge in recognizing, analyzing and solving them.
  2. To provide the graduates with an upgraded academic qualification that broadens their knowledge and enrich and extend their qualification as a whole
  3. To encourage and motivate the graduates in learning activities so that they can solve the problems of their sectors with prescriptive measures, tactics, and strategies.
  4. To encourage the predicates in being the one for the social change through the means of education, its practices involving themselves in the field study to know about the current status and set standards.
  5. To provide the graduates with adequate knowledge to develop the feeling of dedication towards the development of education as a field
  6. As the graduates specialize their field in the Nepali language, they deal with their specialized subjects and under the rules and criteria set by faculty of education.

Universities offering the course

Nepali as a language is taught in Nepal itself. So, there are no foreign universities that specialize with the Nepali language but we can find plenty of universities if we only choose the graduates degree in Education.

Tribhuvan University

The offered course is for two years like the general post graduates degree in education where the specialization is the Nepali language.  


A student with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education is eligible for the admission to the Masters Programme. However, they need a specific qualification for admission in a different subject. In the semester system, they have to pass an entrance test for admission in different specialization subject (Nepali language).

Affiliated college

1.. Prithvi Narayan Multiple Campus

Pokhara, Kaski

Website: http://www.pncampus.edu.np/

2. Sanothimi Campus,

Madhyapur Thimi, Bhaktapur

3.Shaheed Smriti Multiple Campus

Ratnanagar, Chitwan

Website: http://www.ssmcchitwan.edu.np/

4. Central Department Of Education


Website: http://tufoe.edu.np/

5. Kailali Multiple Campus,

Campus Road, Dhangadhi

Website: http://kailalicampus.edu.np/

6.Chaitanya Multiple Campus

Banepa, Kavre

Website: http://chaitanya.edu.np/

10.Surya Narayana Satya Narayan Marita Multiple Campus


7. Tikapur Multiple Campus (TMC)

Tikapur, Kailali

Website: http://tmc.edu.np/

8. Adikavi Bhanubhakta Multiple Campus, Damauli, Tanahu

9. Tribhuvan Multiple Campus, Tansen, Palpa

10. Mahendra Multiple Campus (MMC)

Dharan, Sunsari

Website: http://mmcdharan.edu.np/

Thus, M.Ed. in the Nepali language is a very important subject that has contributed in the flourishing of Nepali language with the appropriate teachers, mentors, guardians and upgraded the level of education within the nation.