MBA in Global Management

What is MBA?

MBA is an abbreviation of Masters in Business Administration;a specialised course that polishes the students with managerial skills and business ideology. Whatever filed you may step in or get enrolled, MBA is a course that adds up the concept of managerial skills and enhances knowledge within an individual because everything needs the proper way of managing. In addition to this, MBA course is not just for the business person but also for the one who wants a wider networking and deepen understanding. MBA is the widely recognised course throughout the world because it develops yourself in such a way that guides you to become your own boss.

What is MBA in Global Management?

To begin with, ‘Global’ in itself is a vague term that denotes the whole world. Global relates of emcompaases the whole of something as it is a comprehensive one. Global MBA is a course that is the combination of theories and practical work and is designed in a way to prepare the students to meet up the scale of domestic market and the standard of global business at the same time. Global MBA is the masters degree course that is the syllabus designed for a global management that includes knowledge about commercial transaction, idea of global marketing and the concept of global administration.

How is Global MBA different from MBA?

As its name suggests, Global MBA is a vague and comprehensive one.Global MBA is an advanced degree program that has a diverse student body and an international orientation of course materials and curriculum as it allows  the students to study the business and market in a global platform. While MBA allocates the courses regarding the management, administration and leadership course, Global MBA is advancement in the course of MBA that includes the curriculum focuses on business practices on a global platform. It is true that general MBA does not limit your understanding but global MBA makes you to reach the global state in an international level.  

Peculiarities of MBA in Global Management

As we came to know that MBA in global management is an advanced and broad version of MBA, here are some unique features of MBA in global management that makes the students more clear about what MBA in Global Management means:

  • Competence to apply cross-cultural management skills in negotiations, marketing, leadership etc., in order to examine and evaluate the complexity of culture within organisations.
  • Able to promote the study of business, market and management in a global platform.
  • Improvement of individual communication skills, self-confidence and effectiveness in rhetorical activities, ability to professionally apply presentation and negotiation techniques; application of statistical tools and concepts needed in business and modelling as an aid to managerial decision-making.
  • Proficient to make sound decisions concerning international economic issues, especially with respect to international trade and trade policy; familiarisation with the fundamental causes of exchange rate fluctuations as well as the key determinants of international capital flows.
  • Capability to make decisions about adequate solutions for logistics problems and to implement a global supply chain for a company and manage it; handling the challenges in using, designing and implementing information systems in companies and understanding the interplay between strategy, organisation and information systems
  • Understanding and dealing with major issues in the financial management of international corporations and application of methods used to manage risk in global markets
  • Knowledge in international business law and the practice of conclusion of contracts and conflict resolution in international commerce; insight into the tax systems and deepened knowledge about taxes most relevant to enterprises involved in international business; ability to assess tax-related advantages and disadvantages of different legal forms, corporate strategies and location factors
  • Competency to understand structural and process-oriented aspects of project management and ability to develop and implement process and quality management techniques to create value for globally operating companies

Universities in Nepal

MBA in Global Management is initiated by one of the oldest yet renowned  universities in Nepal; Tribhuvan University. It is aimed as MBA in Global Leadership and Management that ultimately provides the global platform to study business and management. The course seeks both to deepen knowledge in applied business administration and develop management and leadership skills relevant for international business careers.


The intake process happens every spring. The forms are open on Dec-Jan. Please check the notice page to get updates.


  • The candidate must have 15 years of formal education ( 12 years of formal schooling and three years of graduation)
  • The candidate must have secured a minimum CGPA of 2.0 or 45 percent in Bachelor’s level.

Application Process

  • The interested candidate are supposed to submit the application form with all details of personal information and past academic records within the notified time (The application blank and this brochure will be available form the SOMTU reception during the office hours.)
  • At the time of submission students pay Rs. 1000 for admission tests. This fee must be deposited in the school’s account no. 0501010000163 at the Global Bank whose voucher needs to be submitted with application.  

Admission Test

The interested candidates must appear the SOMAT test  which will be conducted by the college whose date will be  pre-informed.

The selected candidates will be called for Group Discussion (GD) and Individual Presentation (IP) as well.

The selected candidates after this will be called for personal interview.

The further information can be extracted from the mentioned address and details to contact the university: :

School of Management

Tribhuvan University
Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone  : 977-1-4332719  : 977-1-4332718

Email :

As a whole, MBA in Global Management gives us the diverse toolkit to add up on your resume as it involves the  Seminars on Contemporary Issues in Global Management and intensive Projects Camps within the semesters. Therefore, the course provides graduates with deepened analytical and methodological skills related to business issues that produces prepared  graduates for leadership positions in international businesses, multilateral agencies, and international nonprofit organizations. Hence, the course is designed to facilitate the students with the insights, analytical capabilities and skills to meet the challenges facing leaders who seek to shape organizations in today’s world,  with the focus on managing oneself and others, and increasing employee well-being and performance while working in dynamic and complex environments.

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