Off beat / non technical courses in Nepal

Offbeat courses are unique courses that are especially designed to those students who are willing to study and become a different person to be an expert in the particular field. This is especially designed course to those students who are passionate and to connect with their innovativeness and enthusiasm for making something new. There are few offbeat courses in Nepal which are especially designed by the needs and demand for the energetic youths according to the Nepalese Society. They are as follows:

Course list

1) Buddhist Studies with Himalayan Language

  This course is related with the history of the Buddhism and mainly focused with the nature of Buddhist philosophy.The historical developments of the Buddhist schools and traditions of thought are also studied from a contemporary point of view.. It was established by Kathmandu University. This is a 4 year Bachelor’s degree leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts (BA) where the fourth year is optional which leads to the Bachelor of Arts Honours degree.

  • Offering colleges
  1. Kathmandu University

2) Music/ Ethnomusicology

Kathmandu University introduced this course in 1996 to train competent musicians to document, preserve, and work creatively with the musical traditions of Nepal. Ethnomusicology is the investigation of music from the social and social parts of the general population who make it.

  • Offering colleges
  1. Kathmandu University

3) Mountaineering Studies (Bachelor of Mountaineering Studies)

From this year, MoCTCA, Nepal Mountain Academy (NMA) is going to launch a very new academic program i. e. Bachelor of Mountaineering Studies (four years and eight semesters ) is affiliated with Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University, Nepal. This is absolutely a very good news for the entire tourism industry in Nepal. This program is a four year program which will be divided into 8 semesters.

  • Offering colleges
  1. Tribhuvan University

4) Bachelor of Science in Tea Technology and Management,

This course was introduced in 2011 A.D by Tribhuvan University(TU) with the aim of producing skilled human resource to work in tea technology and management sector or tea factories/industries.This program is a four year program which is divided into 8 semesters. It is mainly focused on the subjects like Basic Science, Tea Science, Management, Introduction to Law, etc. It provides both theoretical and practical knowledge to the students focusing on analysis, application and evaluation of tea technology.

  • Offering colleges
  1. Mechi Multiple Campus Bhadrapur, Jhapa, Mechi

5) Bachelor in Mathematical Sciences (BMathSc)

For the first time in Nepal. Tribhhuvan University is going to lunch Bachelor in Mathematical Sciences (BMathSc) Program.

The  program is 4 years bachelor program including 8 semesters. It includes  fundamentals of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science and Information Technology plus  some elective courses from a list of courses which may vary from year to year as a multi-exit model decided by the subject committee.

  • Offering colleges
  1. Tribhuvan University

6) Bachelor in Midwifery Sciences

Bir hospital  launched Bachelor in Midwifery Sciences (BMS) program from the academic year 2073/74.It deals with the the health science that deals with pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period which also includes new born babies, in addition to the sexual and reproductive health of women throughout their lives. Interestingly, there are only 10 seats in each batch.

  • Offering colleges
  1. Karnali Academy of Health Sciences
  2. BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS)
  3. Bir Hospital Nursing Campus

7) B.Sc. Fisheries

The course relatively focuses on about  managing, catching, processing, marketing and conservation of Fish and producing skilled human resources in the fisheries sector. Currently, there are 60 students who are soon going to be fish experts in Nepal. There is only one college offering B.Sc. Fisheries in Nepal.

  • Offering colleges
  1. Agriculture and Forestry University, Chitwan.

8) Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery

It is the basic doctor course in Ayurveda.It’s duration is 5 and half years old and also one year internship program. The curriculums of BAMS is as approved by IOM TU, Ayurvedic Medical Council of Nepal and ICCM of India. BAMS course is also equivalent with MBBS .

  • Offering colleges
  1. Aayurveda Campus, Kritipur(TU)
  2. National Aayurveda Campus, Birgunj(TU)
  3. Institute of Ayurveva,NSU( Nepal Shanshkrit University) Dang
  4. Mithila Aayurveda College, Janakpur, Affiliated to NSU

9) Bachelor in Interior Design (B.I.D.)

Bachelor in Interior Design (B.I.D.) is a three years (six semesters) pertinent to produce professional Interior Designers in Nepal . After the completion of the course, students will be able to work in the Interior Design and also in the related sector. They can also start their own business or work as Freelance Interior Designer. They can also study interior designing after their completion of th BID.

  • Offering colleges
  1. Kantipur International College College of Engineering
  2. Kantipur International College

10) Geomatics Engineering

The geomatics engineering is a 4 year program of 8 semesters whose time is of 48 months. It is also known as Geospatial Engineering.  The experts further work in land organization, geo-informatics and research in these location. It can be studied in Kathmandu University-School of Engineering.

  • Offering colleges
  1. Western Regional Campus, Pokhara

11) Shastri

It is a 3 year program which is equivalent to bachelor degree program. It was introduced by Nepal Sanskrit University for Shastri levels. Students studying this program will be expert in veda, puran, and jyotish shastra.

  • Offering colleges
  1. Nepal Sanskrit University (NSU) Beljhundi, Dang,

12) Bachelor in Development Finance

Bachelor in Development Finance is a highly demanded 4 years (8 semesters) bachelor degree program.It is an academic degree which help students understand the financial development in a rational way. Nepal have grown rapidly with large number of banks, insurance companies and financial cooperatives in recent years,this is undoubtedly an imperative need to the nation.

  • Offering colleges
  1. National College for Higher Education -Baluwatar, Kathmandu, Nepal

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