PCL Nursing in Nepal

Introduction to PCL Nursing

PCL Nursing refers to the Proficiency Certificate Level in Nursing. It was first started by CTEVT(Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training) in 2056 BS (1999AD) under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University Institute of Medicine.PCL Nursing is a study for the incoming students  which was originally organised for females with the service motive intention. It includes both the theoretical as well as practical knowledge in the sector of health and medicine which can be approached immediately after completing the school level of studies. The nurses as given recognition as a registered one with the certificate by Nepal Nursing Council (NNC). It ia a three year course who are known as staff nurse and can apply for bachelors in nursing if they further want to study it in depth. Some of the well known colleges for PCL Nursing in Nepal are Institute of Medicine (IOM), Bir hospital (NAMS), BPKIHS (Dharan), KU, CTEVT and so on with their own format of examining the student course structure.

Procedures for Entrance

Tribhuvan university itself announces the admission notice every year for the interested students. The entrance is the basic concept developing one which includes questions relating to health, maths, english and nepali as the further studies in included within the course.  CTEVT on its own has entrance examination with their respective colleges across the country.

TU affiliated colleges

1. Nepalgunj Nursing Campus

Address: Nepalgunj, banke

Contact no.: 081-540739, 081-540143

2. Biratnagar Nursing Campus

Address: Biratnagar, Morang

Contact no.:  021-524880

3. Birgunj Nursing Campus

Address: Birgunj, Parsa

COntact no.: 051-522580, 051-530961

4. Pokhara Nursing Campus

Address: Pokhara

Contact no.:  061-520485

CTEVT affiliated Colleges

There are number of colleges offering PCL Nursing affiliated to CTEVT in and outside the Kathmandu as well. The affiliation is productivity of 4340 registered nurses.  

Thus, PCL Nursing is the appropriate choice for the students who wants to develop a career at service motive sector immediately after their schooling. This does not only develop the knowledge of nursing but also give the practicable ideas for the students are they are assigned duties in various shifts within the hospitals  by the universities itself. Since, nursing ia a feeling that one has to serve the other, it is a very important job for every generations.

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