MN/MSC in Psychiatric Nursing

A psychiatric nurse is the one who is appointed as a mental health nurse with a specialization who looks after all aged people dealing with their distress or mental illness. It is a medical nursing course that offers the graduates with the concept and skills relating to holistic care to the mentally sick individuals and deals with an emotional imbalance within the patients. It is the course for the nurses to reduce the mental disorders among patients with medicinal techniques and nursing skills. But there is a difference between psychiatrist and psychiatric nurse as the one is doctoral degree whereas the psychiatric nurse is an associate masters degree

Objectives of the course

Psychiatric nursing is a course that developed with the time to address the disorder of individuals from various perspectives. The major goals of the course are as follows:

  • To diagnosis the individuals with mental disorders
  • To implement treatments on sick people with emotional stability
  • To identify, manage and prevent the substance disorders on the individual on their psychological level
  • To access the patients with mental health problems
  • To administer the care in a psychiatric setting to the patients
  • To assist in distinct therapies
  • To understand the existing theories form the behavioral and social science and use them for planning, evaluating the mental health care according to the needs of patients and the families
  • To encourage the victims for early treatment and timely follow up 

 Scope of the course

The working areas of the course denote care centers, government hospitals, correctional institutes, community mental health centers, educational and research centers. The paramount scope of the course are as follows:

  • Psychiatric social worker
  • OT assistant
  • Lab technician
  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Medical transcriptionist
  • Nurses psychiatric

Eligibility for the course

You must have completed the undergraduate course to attend the diploma from any university whereas a year or working experience is a must if you are going for specialization during your master’s degree in the following universities in the context of Nepal. You are said qualified based on the entrance examination. 

Universities offering the course in Nepal

The “Institute of Medicine”, offers a postgraduate degree to the nurses with a major on psychiatric nursing which is essential to deal with various usual symptoms but an undiagnosed disorder among the people. In case if the foreign nation, the graduates can approach a year diploma course when they have a valid nurse license and working experience. But in the case of Nepal, a similar course is provided by the following colleges:

  1. Tribhuvan University
  • Maharajgunj Nursing Campus

The college is a leading one as well as a pioneer in the field of nursing college that offers the registered nurse with a master’s degree with a specialization on anyone among the women’s health and development, adult nursing, child health nursing, and psychiatric nursing. A year of working experience after being a graduate of a Bachelors’s in nursing is a must for being eligible for the course. The students must qualify the entrance test organized by the faculty to get the admission and specialization. 

Address: Maharajgunj, Kathmandu

Phone: 977-01-4410911


B. B.P. Koirala Institute of health science

The college is a self-governing university that offers the course in Psychiatric nursing for the graduates or registered nurses. The course is comprised of clinical classes, seminars, presentations and ward postings as well. 

Address: Ghopa, Dharan 

Phone: 977-25-525555


Besides, the topic is also included in the course structure of Bachelors In Science Nursing program by the various colleges which provide the conceptual ideas about psychiatric nursing but in case of specialization, a diploma from a recognized university or master’s degree with a specialization is a must. 

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