Post Graduate Diploma in Police Science


Post Graduate Diploma In police Science is a special course initiated to convey professional education to the candidates applying for the course. As we know that the main objective of establishing the police force is to develop security and provide safety to the citizens. The course is designed in such a way that enhances the qualification of the recruited police inspectors to functioning in the specific areas of police service with comprehensive knowledge and intellectual skills. The course is a foundation of public affairs management and research methodology that are the basic concepts and abilities required in a police officer. Thye is also given some noncredit courses like forensic science, fieldcraft and so on to learn on specific areas they wish to know about and functioning in upcoming days. The course is a two-semester program that lasts for the ten-month duration with 30 credit hours. 

Objectives of the course

The course is a compulsion for the newly recruited police inspectors because it aims to make them familiar with the functioning of the police in a synchronized way. The major objective of the course is as follows:

  • To develop socially responsible, result-oriented and creative police professions in a state
  • To fill up a vacant space created in middle-level positions in police organization with strong content
  • To shower the recruited police  with professional qualification to achieve the intellectual skills and the board knowledge about their working criteria and functioning areas
  •  To develop the standard of a present training module
  • To nurture the morale of the recruited trainees
  • To produce responsible authorities to function in the nation’s action
  • To maintain peace security within the country
  • To impose a strict restriction towards the criminal intentions through a capable workforce

Scope of the course

The course is designed in such a way that provides ethics to the recruited police. The scope is as clear as you see because it is a compulsory course for those who have been recruited to sharpen their abilities to function in the field of national responsibilities. The course is a pro for those who get recruited so that they can upgrade their standard before entering into the field tasks.

Who offers the course?

The course is offered by Tribhuvan University as it is one of the oldest universities of Nepal working in the field of generation of educated manpower. The course is offered under the specific recommendation of Nepal Police. The classes are conducted in the mentioned college:

National Police Academy 

Address: Maharajgunj, Kathmandu

Contact no.: 01-4419774


Graduation requirement

To get the graduation, one must have completed the mentioned credit hours with a minimum passing grade as well. They must obtain an aggregate semester grade is 2.0 of C as a letter grade. They must be active during the classes and complete the program offered by Tribhuvan University within the given time frame.

As a whole, the course is an efficient program that induces the feeling of responsibilities and abilities among the police inspectors. It is a training given to build up the quality human resource as well as develop the personal abilities int the field of security. 

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