Master of Arts in Conflict, Peace and Development Studies


In general, development is what people look up to whereas peace is the key towards development but in fact, conflicts serve as a blockade for it. Conflict, peace, and development altogether refers to the collaboration of the major social actions to work for a comprehensive understanding of the multipart phenomena. The course comprises the strength of various social sciences, humanities, environmental science as well as philosophy to upgrade the social status and build up a relevant course that has a practical role to play. Therefore, the course is a program offered for the graduates to work on dispute settlement, maintenance of peace and secured environment that contributes to development altogether for two consecutive years divided into four semesters.  

Objectives of the course 

Conflict, peace, and development studies are the combination of various social science to function for social betterment.  The major objectives of the course are as follows:

  • To develop habits of research and fieldwork within the graduates
  • To add up a professional forum in the field of conflict, peace, and security 
  • To develop a work feeling among the citizens or graduate to work for it and grow the practitioners
  • To operate the workers working in negotiation or conflict mediation
  • To contribute to peaceful development in the local, nation as well as international standard
  • To operate the policy analysis and the practitioners to work in the field of conflict, peace, and development 
  • To upgrade the  existing standard and rate it ina recognized the level to formulate peace strategies with development efforts 

Scope of the course

As the name suggests, conflict, peace, and development studies are what people look up to. The major scope of the course are as follows:

  • Nongovernmental Organisations
  • Development agencies
  • UN system
  • Sectors of conflict resolutions
  • International financial institutions

University offering the course

The course is established with a joint effort of multiple universities in Nepal under the Masters of Arts (MA) program belonging to the Tribhuvan University. The collaboration is done with Norweigan University of Life Sciences (UMB) in Aas, Eastern University, Batticaloa, University of Ruhuna, Matara in Sri Lanka and Tribhuvan University of Nepal. The seat allocation is 50  and the program is affordable to every student whereas the university allows classes for foreigners with the different cost for students from the SAARC countries and other countries. 


The candidate must have completed their bachelors in any disciple or a faculty from recognized university and institution. The score should not be less than the second division because academically sound status is a must.  The candidate should have proficiency in spoken as well as written English. Experience in related work, research activity or field jobs can be a plus point. The females are highly encouraged and the individuals from marginalized groups are privileged to study the course. Gender incentive is given to females, whereas male students are provided incentive son the basis of their research activity. 

Affiliated College

Tribhuvan University 

Address: Kritipur, Kathmandu

Contact no.:  01-4331076


As a whole, the course is a combination of lectures, seminars, research, internship and fieldwork that makes the course practical enough for the context-based study.  The degree is awarded by the respective partner university which gives you international exposure as well. The intake in done once in a year during the time of April-May with limited seat allocation because the course has a lot to offer and demands hard work and sincerity towards the task from the graduates. 

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