Master of Library and Information Science


The library is a source of information. It is a common story for every kind of books, journals, articles as well as reports. Library and Information Science is a multidisciplinary subject that is incorporated for the conceptualized ideas of varieties of disciplines. It is a course designed to develop professionals who are passionate about making a positive change in the world. The course is available for two consecutive years after their graduation where the evaluation is done on the percentage system. 

Objectives of the course

Library and information science is a very fruitful course which is composed of multiple theories and principles to have a variety of knowledge. The major aim of the course is mentioned below:

  • To shower the students with the concept of laws and principles of library and information science. 
  • To train the candidates with the skills of librarianship and information management 
  • To develop a capable resource in scientific management of the library as well as information centers.
  • To make the students learn about the technologies used within the information dissemination or a library to communicate 
  •  To render the competitive, impartial, timely and efficient library services
  • To give a familiar environment to the students about the social, cultural and communicative scenario of informative centers
  • To hand over the administrative and managerial skills 
  • To develop the concept of library subjects and sizes within the information centers

Scope of the course

The library is a key center for various researchers, students as well as graduates. One can learn beyond the given resources only with access to the library. In this case, information centers are the core of success. The major scope of the course dealing with librarian staff are as follows:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • News broadcasting agencies
  • Public and government libraries
  • Academic institution
  • Private information centers
  • Research centers
  • Data analyst 
  • Archival management 
  • Digital libraries

Universities offering the course

The course is offered only by one university in Nepal where the need for a librarian qualification is yet to flourish:

Tribhuvan university

The course is a graduate program which has been offered to graduates for two consecutive years. The course is composed of various fieldwork observations, training, seminars and conferences. It is a combination of varieties of course introduction, principles collaboration and practical works. 


The candidates must have completed their undergraduate course in any field with a sound academic background. The course is offered under the faculty of humanities, language, religious studies and library science. Entrance test must be attained to secure their place among 20 offered seats by the university. 

Affiliated colleges

Tribhuvan university

Address: Kirtipur, Kathmandu

Contact no.: 01-4331076  


As a whole, master of library and information science is a plus point for you when you want to devote your life with books and information dissemination. The course will help you to establish yourself in the field and serve for the soon to be success gaining individuals. 

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