Post Graduate Diploma in Counseling Psychology


 Counselling generally refers to professional assistance or guidance given to solve the psychological pressure or personal issues. Counseling psychology denotes the act of assisting to resolve their personal and psychological issues that may define physical or mental illness by the experts or the professions with adequate knowledge and experience. It is the precision of aiding people to settle their distress or mental crisis caused by various personal or professional issues rather than merely irregular bodily functioning. The course is for one academic year which includes the provision of assessment as well as a diagnosis to solve the core problem as a part of a course.  

Objectives of the course

The prior objective of the course is to facilitate people to solve their immediate or irregular problems to make them capable of upcoming circumstances. The prior objective of introducing the course are as follows:

  • To generate manpower to maintain a safe and nurturing environment for other people encouraging to progress
  • To motivate the students in engaging themselves for their personal and professional self-study with a reflection
  • To make the use of therapeutic techniques and facilitate individuals of the different age spectrum
  • To make the reflective thoughts foster in the environment
  • To create an environment of distress settlement and solving mental illness
  • To develop human manpower to solve the human issues caused in personal and professional life 
  • To develop sound living standard and happy life in a state with peace, security, and satisfaction
  • To provide a platform for students interested in active advising, interacting and professional mentoring to personal issues of mentally pressurized individuals. 

Scope of the course

Personal issues and professional pressurize is normal but there comes a situation when an individual cannot cope up with it on their own. In the age of technology and busy life, these issues might be frequent where a lot of us need a solution. The scope of the counseling psychology course are as follows:

  • Clinical psychologist
  • Research Psychologist
  • Industrial Psychoanalyst
  • School shrink
  • Disorder analyst
  • Rehabilitative agent

Universities offering the course

There is only one university in Nepal which has come up with the course feeling that as a need of present society.

Tribhuvan University 

 The course is a one-year academic course where the students are assigned to complete their five distinct academic papers which include practicals too. The students are given with fieldwork in different organization and told to provide the counseling classes to at least 10 individuals with different cases at their practicals. The students are told to provide the counseling someone who needs it with the supervision and guidance of someone expert in the field or a recognized counselor or psychologist to learn the dealing ability and calmness to hold on with.  


Candidates who have completed their bachelors and are willing to go for the diploma course in Counselling psychology may apply for the course. 

Affiliated Colleges

1.Counseling Psychology and Social Studies College 

Address: Buddhanagar, Kathmandu

Contact no.: 01-4782285


  2. Tri Chandra Multiple Campus 

Address: Durbarmarg Sadak, Kathmandu

Contact no.: 01-4225743


As a whole, the course is a practical course where you will be able to learn the tactics as well as implementation concerning the supervision by experts or professional counselors. The course includes an introduction, mental health, and psychosocial problems, counseling theories and skills, assessment in counseling and practicum which will hand you the techniques, skills, as well as areas to work on. 

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