Master of Science in Construction Management


Master of science is an upgraded degree for graduates in the field of science and technology. The graduates are provided with deeper studies that might refer to project management of anything that requires managing something with technologies and principles. Construction management is a course that deals like planning, schedules, leadership, budgeting as well as project management. Master of Science in Construction Management is a postgraduate degree for graduates for the two consecutive years divided into semesters.  The course is a foundation as well as the analytical course with electives and thesis as an important part.


The course initially demands someone with an engineering background so that the construction machine can be made clear earlier and the degree can focus on this management that includes overall functioning manpower in a state. The major objective of the course is as follows:

  • To award the engineers with a management qualities
  • To develop leadership within the technical minds
  • To shower the science students with the ability of planning, financing and delivering large scale engineering projects
  • To enhance the availability of environment professionalist 
  • To facilitate while setting performance requirements and projects participants
  • To supply the students with a broad-based and integrated essential of construction management with their real-life applications
  • To produce professional construction managers to lead the construction projects in an effective, dynamic as well as competitive business scenario
  • To add up business, time-managing, decision-making, initiative skills on the graduates. 

Scope of the course

The course award the working principles with leading qualities. This will make your career a bright one because you can replace both the workplace at a time and function form the higher authority. The major scope for the course are as follows:

  • Construction project manager
  • Superintendent
  • Rehabilitative projects
  • Development targets analyst
  • Project executive
  • Construction business units
  • Extrapolate agencies 
  • Construction 
  • Engineering consultancy firms 

Universities offering the course in Nepal

As we came to know about the course, this seems to be a very practical one which is adopted by following universities in the context of Nepal:

  1. Tribhuvan University 

The university is one of the oldest universities in Nepal. The enrollment is given only to top 20 candidates so that the course and its consequences can be reviewed earlier with limited seats. The enrollment is done by Institute of Engineering (IOE) out of which 5 seats belong to merit list, one for IOE reserved, 6 for full fee seta and 8 seats are sponsored one. 


The candidate must have completed their bachelors in engineering that can be civil or agriculture or equivalent to it. They must possess above-average grades to sound academically well and the score must meet the criteria set by the faculty or board. They must secure the minimum score as per prescribed by the board in their entrance examination. 

Admission criteria

The candidates must fill and submit the application form online within the given deadline as per the Entrance Exam board. The forms are available on the website like or The respective amount needs to be deposited whereas the voucher number needs to be mentioned in the application form. The appropriate entrance stream needs to be selected and the color photograph of their prescribed specification and the identification documents like citizenship certificate, passport or last exam admit card needs to be presented with the form. The correction of your given information requires a certain amount to be paid. 

Affiliated colleges

Pulchowk Campus

Address: Pulchowk, Lalitpur

Contact no.: 01-5543078


2. Pokhara University

It is one of the recognized universities in Nepal. It has a diverse affiliation for engineering as well as the courses that sharpen the abilities of the graduates. The course follows a grading system and takes attendance as a must to safeguard requirements of semesters and criteria. 


Candidates must have completed their bachelors in the relevant field of engineering that includes civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, geotechnical engineering, hydropower engineering, and architecture. Minimum 2.0 CGPA or 45 percent of marks in their bachelors is a must to appear for the entrance. 

Admission criteria

The criteria include filling of application form within the deadline with the payment of registration fee. Attending to the entrance test is a must with the sound background as per guided by the faculty or the board.  The notice regarding the application can be extracted from the concerned website. 

Affiliated colleges

1.Nepal Engineering College 

Address: Changu Narayan, Bhaktapur

Contact no.: 01-5221006


2. Lumbini Engineering, management and Science College 

Address: Titottama, Rupandehi

Contact no.: 071-561030


3. Madan Bhandari Memorial Academy 

Address: Ruddmatti Marg, kathmandu

Contact no.: 01-5172175


4. Pokhara Engineering College

Address: Pokhara, Kaski

Contact no.: 061-531209


5. United Technical College

Address: Bharatpur, Chitwan

Contact no.: 056-526331


As a whole, the course is a fruitful one to reduce the manpower deficiency in a company as well as enhance the abilities of an engineer to the project manager. This is because of the management skills given to the technical minds by the course after their graduation. 

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