Bachelors of Arts in Social Work and Rural Development


Bachelors of Arts in Social Work and Rural Development is a course for undergraduates specializing in the field of social work and development of agrarian areas. The course is a fusion of steps towards development to meet the basic requisites of the people living in an environment. It concerns with the improvement of quality of life as well as the economic state of the people to work within the society or a community with specialised targets. The course is for 36 months that is 3 years which has a percentage evaluation system. It is conducted under the faculty of humanities by Tribhuvan University. 

Objectives of the course

Bachelors of Arts in Social Work and Rural Development is a course presented with a combination of theories as well as practical to see the functioning of course principles. The major objectives of the course are as follows:

  • Facilitate the students with the idea of rural areas as its necessities to move towards development
  • Enable students to learn and visit the existing scenarios
  • Allow the students to work in the field and betterment of society
  • To quench the need for social workers
  • To forward the steps towards development through societies of a rural area
  • To allow undergraduates to become skilled manpower with the habitual field of functioning
  • To solve counter social issues within a society

Scope of the course

The course offers you with two majors like social work as well as rural development. This makes you dissolve in both areas. Being a fusion of theories and practices of social principles, it has a wider area to work on because they have habitual scenarios. The major scope of the course are as follows:

  • Project analyst
  • Social Worker
  • Social Analyst
  • Activist
  • Lecturer
  • Strategic manpower
  • Project leaders

Universities offering the course in Nepal

The course is offered by Tribhuvan University which is one of the oldest universities of Nepal. The course is a three-year bachelor’s degree with a yearly system. 


The candidate must complete their high school in humanities or any other fields from a recognized board or an institution to study the course. 

Affiliated College

Welham’s College

Address: Mid-Baneshwor, Kathmandu

Contact no.: 977 01 4482982, 9801021076/77


Besides, the course has similar other programs like Bachelors of Arts in Social Work as well as Bachelors of Arts in Rural Development with multiple colleges offering the course. The specialization of this course is double specialization both in social work as well as rural development which has a vital relation in real life. 

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