Master of Education (M.Ed) is a two-year program which is divided into four semesters. Political Science Education is a specialized course option under the M.Ed degree. In this particular program, the students will learn about politics and matters related to politics along with education. As politics is an inseparable part of our lives, it is considered important to learn about it. This course was designed to produce quality manpower in the field of education, which is in demand in our country. Since political science is gaining popularity, the demand for competent manpower in the field of political science education is increasing. This course is designed for those who are interested in learning and teaching about politics and political science.


The objectives of this course are as follows:

  • produce competent political science teachers
  • produce qualified teacher educators in the field of political science
  • Introduce and encourage  innovative practices to the field of education
  • produce efficient educational planners and other experts in the field of political science education


After the completion of this program, the graduates will have the opportunity to work in various government and private institutions. Some of the job opportunities are:

  • political science teacher
  • political science teacher educator
  • educational consultant
  • educational planner
  • curriculum developer


In Nepal, this course is currently only offered by Tribhuvan University. This course is offered under TU’s Faculty of Education (FoE). It is available at the Central Department of Education of TU and some other affiliated college(s).

Central Department of Education, TU

The central department of education is a constituent of the FoE at TU. Out of the 38 central departments of TU, the Central Department of Education is the oldest one. It is also one of the most popular central departments of TU in terms of student enrollment. It has been expanding over the years to improve the quality of education of the courses that are currently offered as well as introducing new courses that are in demand in Nepal.

Address: Kirtipur, Kathmandu

Phone no.: 01 4331196



Course Structure

The M.Ed program all have the same general course structure. They consist of Professional/Core courses, which is the same for all students taking the M.Ed program from TU; Specialization courses and electives, which vary according to the specialized program chosen.

  1. Professional (Core) Courses:
    1. Foundation of Education
    2. Advanced Educational Psychology
    3. Curriculum Planning and Practices
    4. Educational Planning and Management
    5. Education and Development
    6. Contemporary Educational Issues
    7. Measurement and Evaluation in Education
    8. Research Methodology
  2. Specialization Courses:
    1. Political Theory
    2. Political Thought
    3. Political Analysis
    4. Nepalese Politics
    5. International Politics
    6. Public Value and Political Management
    7. Federalism
    8. Teaching Political Science
    9. Constitutions of Selected Countries
    10. Theory and Practice of Diplomacy
  3. Electives: 

Out of all the elective courses that are offered for this program, one of them must be chosen. The electives offered for M.Ed. Political Science Education are

  1. Human Right and Social Justice
  2. Electoral Politics of Nepal

Semester System

TU started following the semester system fairly recently. As mentioned above, it is a four-semester long program. The students will have to take different courses throughout the four semesters. Each of those courses have paper(s), which have specific objectives that need to be fulfilled by the students to complete the course. Credit hours are allocated to different courses based on their requirement. One credit hour is equivalent to 16 classroom lectures.

First semester

Professional (Core Course):  3 papers – 9 credit hours

Specialization Course: 3 papers – 9 credit hours

Total: 18 credit hours

Second semester

Professional (Core Course): 2 papers – 6 credit hours

Specialization Course: 4 papers – 12 credit hours

Total: 18 credit hours

Third semester

Professional (Core Course): 1 paper – 3 credit hours

Specialization Course: 5 papers 15 credit hours

Total: 18 credit hours

Fourth semester

Professional (Core Course):  1 paper

Elective: 1 paper

Thesis Writing: 1 paper

Teaching Practice: 1 paper


To apply for this program, applicants must fulfill the following criteria:

  • The applicant must have one of the following degrees from TU or an institution recognized by TU:
    • a three-year B.Ed degree in any discipline
    • a one-year B.Ed degree in any discipline
  • must not be physically or mentally disabled

Affiliated Colleges

Mahendra Multiple Campus, Baglung

Address: Baglung Bazar, Baglung

Phone no.: 068 520113