Post Graduate Diploma in Police Science


Post Graduate Diploma in Police Science (PGDPS) is a postgraduate program accepted by the Faculty of Management and the Central Department of Public Administration. It is a 10-month program, which is divided into two semesters. This program is a requirement for newly appointed police inspectors. It was designed to improve the current training systems followed by Nepal Police in order to provide the newly appointed police inspectors with better skills and knowledge and produce confident, skilled, and efficient police inspectors. Similarly, this program was formed by Nepal Police in order to strategically establish National Police Academy (NPA) as a Centre of Excellence for police training.


The objectives of this course are mainly oriented towards improving the standard of training and production of police officers. The objectives are:

  • produce police officers that are adaptive to current situations
  • enhance the current training module standards
  • boost trainees confidence and morale
  • produce competent police officers for Nepal Police, which is one of the agencies associated with security in Nepal


This program has a limited scope as the program is designed for newly appointed police officers. The job opportunities the candidates can get after the completion of this course is to be a part of the Nepal Police as a police inspector.


This course is currently only provided by Tribhuvan University, under its Faculty of Management (FoM). This course is available in National Police Academy in affiliation with T.U.

National Police Academy (NPA)

Established in1956, Central Police Training Centre, currently known as National Police Academy, is a training institution established to train the Nepal Police force. Over the years, this academy has started to change its training patterns or systems of training in order to produce police officers that are able to adjust to the contemporary Nepalese society and can also fulfill the expectations of the public. Similarly, the academy also aims to fulfill the requirements of sufficient police officers in the field where they are needed. 

Address: Maharajgunj, Kathmandu

Phone no.: 01 4419774



Course structure

This course consists of a total of 500 marks, and it is a 30 credit-hour course. The courses enlisted under first and second semester are all credit courses.

First Semester

  1. Foundations of Public Affairs Management
  2. Basic Police Administration
  3. Police Operations Management
  4. Security Management
  5. Constitutional and legal System in Nepal 

Second Semester

  1. Social Research
  2. Development Management
  3. Crime Management
  4. Crime Investigation Management
  5. Forensic Science

Non-credit courses

The non-credit courses are fully administered by the NPA.

  • General Police Administration
  • Police Security Management
  • Police Operation Management and Tactics
  • Crime Investigation and Forensic Science
  • Discipline and Conduct
  • Parade
  • Physical Endurance and Confidence Building
  • Musketry and Firing
  • Field Attachment

Eligibility criteria

This program is a requirement for all newly recruited police inspectors so in order to be able to take this program. The candidates must have fulfilled the criteria to be recruited by the Nepal Police as inspectors in order to take this program.

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