MA in Sociology and Anthropology in Nepal

MA in Sociology and Anthropology

MA in Sociology and Anthropology in Nepal


Sociology is the study of society in general words. Sociology as a general science of society that studies the social events, relationships, interactions, processes, social problems and many other aspects that occur within the society in a scientific way. Anthropology is the study of men or a human through holistic or multifaceted approaches. Both are the younger social sciences which are studied together because men are the basic elements of the study in both the social sciences. They both have a common concern in socio-cultural evolution, progress, development, and differentiation.

Objectives of the course

The major objective of the course; sociology and anthropology are as follows:

  • To reveal the concept necessary to study society and culture in the view of a sociologist or an anthropologist in recognized level.
  • To enhance the theoretical and practical skills within the study with the designed course structure and research skills to study men and society
  • To make the students understand the aspects within human beings including culture, habits, personalities and so on with the influences created by various social institutions
  • To prepare the students for a social change with the creation of innovative ideas and solutions for social issues and differences within the society
  • To develop capable social engineers, social scientists, policymakers and so on.

Why study sociology and anthropology?

Society of the flow of a social relationship, networking of men with other components which are further studied by sociology. Anthropology studies all the components of a human being with are further extended towards social actions by sociology, therefore, it is an important study because we are given to study something practical. With the help of this course, the perspectives of a social phenomenon are studies in an etic (surface) as well as emic (in-depth). It allows us to know about the reflection of human begins in various ways. At the same time, the studies help us to know about the existence of social factors, its phenomenon, and effects on the development of human personality and lives on earth. Thus, sociology and anthropology give some live demonstration within the society because after the study we will be able to study ourselves, relating to the culture that we belong to, habits that we have been emitted by, personalities we have grown into and role of social institutions as well. The study will not only helps you in your profession but enlights your personal living as well.

What is the MA in Sociology and Anthropology?

It refers to the master’s course in sociology and anthropology. The course belongs to humanities and social science if you talk about its faculty. It is a graduate course for the students who have completed their bachelors in Sociology and anthropology.

Scopes of the study

The scope of sociology and anthropology is very wide because one has no limited areas of working. The project teams demand this course whereas Non-Governmental Organisations ( NGOs/ INGOs) has been employing the number of graduates. The major professions for the students are as follows:


Teachers/ Lecturers

Social Analyst




There are various areas where the knowledge of sociology and anthropology matters. Some of them are law, governmental sectors. The business which needs technical writing about social networking, health, and medicine, service agencies and museum as well.

Details about the course

The course is conducted by various universities within Nepal. Some of them are as follows:

A.Tribhuvan University

The course is involved with the degree as a Masters in philosophy which is a four-semester course for two years under the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science. The minimum requirements are the completion of a bachelor’s in sociology and anthropology. One must appear the entrance exam in order to get the admission and secure a seat in the merit list which will be published after the exam.

Affiliated Colleges

1.Tri Chandra Multiple Campus

Ghantaghar, Kathmandu

2. Padma Kanya Campus

Bagbazar, Kathmandu

Phone no.: 01-4243758

3. Prithvi Narayan Multiple Campus

Bagar, Pokhara, Kaski


4.Campion College

Kupondole, Lalitpur

Phone no.: 01-5535087


5. Bhairahawa Multiple Campus

Bhairahawa, Rupandehi

6. Saraswoti Multiple Campus

Lekhnath Marg, kathmandu

Phone no.: 01-4411971


7. Mahendra Multiple Campus


8. Kanya Multiple campus

Dillibazar, kathmandu

Phone no.: 01- 4243758  

9. Central Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Kirtipur, Kathmandu


10. Birendranagar Multiple Campus

Chakrapani path, Surkhet

B. Purbanchal University

The students who have completed their bachelor’s in relevant discipline can apply for the course and must pass the entrance examinations which will be conducted by the university. The course is two years yearly course with five basic subjects in each year. One can choose their respective group as a sociology group or anthropology group in the second year.

Affiliated Colleges

Sagarmatha Multiple College

Dillibazar, Kathmandu

Phone no.:  01-4433334, 01-4433810, 01-4429423

As a whole, There are various conferences help for the students and they also have researchers and projects within their course which makes the course practical and interesting as well. Therefore, one having a genuine interest must join the course because it is a course with a wider scope and general application as well.

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