M.Ed. in English Language Education in Nepal

M.Ed. in English Language Education

M.Ed. in English Language Education in Nepal

Course information

Education is one of the most important assets for the development of a human. In order to provide quality education, along with there is a necessity of qualified educators. Masters of Education is a two year graduate program designed to produce skilled manpower in the field of education. M.Ed. includes professional (core) courses and specialization courses. English Language Education is one of the specialization courses. English Language Education course is designed for those who want to specialize in the English language. It is especially targeted for working educators in order to enhance their English.


As mentioned above M.Ed. course is designed to produce skilled power in the field of education. The objectives of this specific course are:

  • produce qualified teacher educators for the English
  • produce qualified English language teachers
  • introduce and promote innovative practices to the field of education through the students
  • produce efficient educational planners and other experts in the field of education


Completion of this degree will allow you to get jobs in both government and private academic institutions. Here are some of the things you can do after getting this degree.

  • English teacher
  • English teacher educator
  • English Language expert
  • Curriculum designer
  • Educational planner
  • English language consultant

Where is this program available?

This specific course is currently available in T.U. and some of its affiliated colleges. All the colleges that have this course are under the Faculty of Education (FoE) at T.U.

Course Structure

M. Ed. program in T.U. has two main course areas. They are, Professional (Core Course) and Specialization. Profession courses are compulsory for all the students studying this M.Ed. program. There is also an additional course which is an elective course.

  1. Professional (Core Course)

This course area  includes:

  1. Foundation of Education
  2. Psychology in the Classroom
  3. Curriculum Planning and Practices
  4. Measurements and Evaluation
  5. Research Methodology
  6. Teaching Practice
  7. Specialization Course, includes thesis writing

The contents of this course will be as approved by the concerned subject committee.

  1. Electives

The electives available are:

  1. English Language Teaching (ELT) Curriculum and Syllabus Designing
  2. Translation Studies
  3. Academic Writing
  4. ELT Seminar and Report Writing

Annual System

First Year

Professional (Core Course),includes teaching and practice/practicum: 250 marks

  • Foundation of Education: 100 marks
  • Psychology in the Classroom: 50 marks
  • Curriculum Planning and Practices: 50 marks

Specialization Course, includes thesis writing: 300 marks

Total marks : 500

Second year

Professional (Core Course), includes teaching and practice/practicum: 150 marks

  • Measurements and Evaluation: 50 marks
  • Research Methodology: 50 marks
  • Teaching Practice: 50 marks

Specialization Course: 300 marks

Elective: 50 marks

Total marks: 500

Semester System

In the T.U. semester system, each paper is worth 3 credit hours and each credit hour is equivalent to 16 classroom lectures.

First semester

Professional (Core Course):  9 credit hours

Specialization Course: 12 credit hours

Total: 18 credit hours

Second semester

Professional (Core Course):  6 credit hours

Specialization Course: 12 credit hours

Total: 18 credit hours

Third semester

Professional (Core Course):  3 credit hours

Specialization Course: 12 credit hours

Total: 18 credit hours

Fourth semester

Professional (Core Course):  3 credit hours

Elective: 3 credit hours

Thesis Writing: 6 credit hours

Teaching Practice: 3 credit hours

Total: 15 credit hours

Entry Requirements

To apply for this course, you need to meet either one of the requirements mentioned below.

  • Degree in Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) with major in English
  • Degree in Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or similar to (B.A.) with major in English and a year of B.Ed.

The degrees must’ve been achieved from Tribhuvan University or any other institutions accepted by T.U.

Affiliated Colleges

These are all the colleges affiliated to T.U., which offer this course

Aadikavi Bhanubhakta Multiple Campus

Address: Vyas Municipality-1, Bigyanchaur, Badagaun, Damauli,Tanahun

Phone no.: +977 65560096

Website: https://aadikavicampus.edu.np/

Chaitanya Multiple Campus

Address: Banepa Municipality-8, Kavre

Phone no.: 011 661722

Website: http://chaitanya.edu.np

Chautara Multiple Campus

Address: Chautara, Sindhupalchowk

Phone no.: 011 690252

Website: http://chautaracampus.edu.np/

Kailali Multiple Campus

Address: Dhangadi, Kailali

Phone no.: 091-521223

Website: http://kailalicampus.edu.np/Default

Mahendra Multiple Campus

Address: Dharan, Sunsari

Phone no.: 025 521546

Website: http://mmcdharan.edu.np/

Mahendra Ratna Multiple Campus

Address: Illam

Phone no.: 027-520020, 027-520665, 027-521653

Website: https://mrmcampusilam.edu.np/

Prithivi Narayan Campus

Address: Bhimkali Patan, Bagar, Pokhara

Phone no.: +977-61-526837

Website: http://www.pncampus.edu.np/

S.S.M. Yadhav Multiple Campus

Address: Siraha, Siraha

Phone no.: +977 033-520082

Website: –

Sanothimi Campus

Address: Madhyapur Thimi, Bhaktapur

Phone no.: 01- 610783, 630283, 630790

Website: http://sanothimicampus.edu.np/

Shaheed Smriti Multiple Campus

Address: Ratnanagar, Chitwan

Phone no.: +977 56-560147

Website: http://ssmcchitwan.edu.np/

Siddhartha Gautam Buddha Campus

Address: Butwal- 5, Rupandehi

Phone no.: +977-71-541301

Website: http://sgbc.edu.np/

Tikapur Multiple Campus

Address: Tikapur, Kailali

Phone no.: +977-091-560088

Website: http://tmc.edu.np/

Tribhuvan Multiple Campus

Address: Tansen, Palpa

Phone no.:  +977-075-520030, 075-520114

Website: http://tribhuvanmc.edu.np/

Waling Multiple Campus

Address:  Waling, Syangja

Phone no.: 063 440224

Website: http://wmc.edu.np/

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