Grade XII – 2077 results published

The long-awaited results for the Grade XII examinations is now published by National Education Board (NEB).

431,000 students appeared for the examination from 9th of Mangsir to 16th of Mangsir which was rescheduled from Baisakh, 2077 as the government applied a nationwide lockdown due to the pandemic. More than 4105 higher secondary schools throughout Nepal acted as examination centers for their students to minimize the threat of COVID.

The examination process was conducted with all the health protocols in place. Social distancing was also practiced by keeping one student at a single desk while in previous years there were two students at a single desk.

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NEB conducted the examination for 40 marks of the total assessment and the remaining 60 marks was given to the student on the basis of the total marks they obtained throughout the internal examinations conducted by the school itself.

S.NGPAStudent Count
1.        3.61 to 4.06916
2.        3.21 to 3.6038480
3.        2.81 to 3.2076841
4.        2.41 to 2.80109312
5.        2.01 to 2.4052427
6.        1.61 to 2.07164
7.        1.21 to 1.60333
8.        0.81 to 1.204
9.        0 to 0.8018839

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