BCA Entrance Practice Quiz: Tense

1. It was found that some students ___________ not attending their classes.

2. He ___________ around filthy room in distaste.

3. We ____________ to new house, because old house was small enough for our family.

4. It is necessary for government to ___________ their people's life better.

5. I daily wait for his call, but he ___________ not call.

6. My father ___________ newspaper after getting up.

7. One must consider about any matter before ___________ it.

8. Wait for us at home until I ___________ from office.

9. They ___________ asked to give opinion in their own words.

10. Do you know, I ___________ asked by them to be honest?

11. There ___________ lots of hidden feelings and emotions behind every faces.

12. Why ___________ you break your promise?

13. Twelve terrorists ___________ in air strike.

14. She ___________ for effective follow up of agenda.


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