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BSC TTM is an abbreviation of Bachelors of Science Tea technology and management. It is a course for undergraduates which is composed of eight distinct semesters. It is a four-year course established with the prior aim of producing skilled and qualified manpower to engage in the sectors of tea technology and management of tea factories or industries. Tea being one of the random drinks for people is not just a medium of conversation but also is regarded as an important form of the nutrition perspective. Tea Technology and Management is a common course in East Asia which is widely consumed in various corners of the world. It is an integrative and practical degree that mainly focuses on subjects like the basic science, tea science, management, the concept of law and so on. The course is a blend of practical as well as theoretical ideas to the students that makes them prepared for analysis, application, and evaluation of tea technology. 

Objectives of the course

 The prior aim of this course is to facilitate the production mechanism in the field of tea and its management. The major objectives of Bsc TTM are as follows:

  • To generate the manpower which can produce qualified organic and internationally standard tea
  • To develop successful human resource with professionalism within them
  • To make the students capable of dealing, handling and managing every action of a tea industry relating from plantations and processing.
  • To handle the employees and staff of an industry with the concept of existing tea market on a local as well as global state
  • To build up a deeper understanding of the tools and techniques used in the industrialized sector of tea
  • To develop the steps towards environment conservation with the adoption of ecology suitable tea plantation and culture procedures
  • To initiate the entrepreneurship in tea cultivation with reduction of traditional values and activities and grow them on a larger scale
  • To develop the managerial qualities with the concept of technology among the students to facilitate with analysis, decision and leadership in an organization
  • To make the graduates capable enough to deal with cost analysis and execution of necessary plans and policies to develop the tea related technology and its management

Scope of the course

Tea is one of the oldest beverages in the world with its significance in one’s life. Seems to be just a three letter word but carries a long history and high demanded ratio by adults to old aged people throughout the globe. Countries like Turkey, Ireland, United Kingdom, China are the residence for the biggest tea drinkers. This clearly shows that tea will never go out of fame and can develop a long business when traded. Some of the scope of the course that focuses on tea including technical to managerial skills are as follows:

  • Business

Business is regarded as the ultimate key to good earning. Tea as a means of business can contribute to one’s life. With this course, you can sell them on your own and be a leader of the team guiding them to produce them and sell them with appropriate management techniques. 

  • Trade

Tea being one of the old yet evergreen drinks of the world will be exported at the most. With the proper use of land and machinery, one can earn a huge amount only by trading tea and its varieties. 

  • Technical setup

BSc TTM sets a technique in your mind to deal with the evolving technology which will not only guide you to produce tea but similar herbs like tea which has hidden nutritional facts behind it.  

  • Managerial skills

BSc TTM develops the managerial skills within you that can make you the core of an industry with an ability to deal with technical areas as well as lead with managerial abilities. This will drive your career far away from just being limited to machines but exploring the related sector to innovate something new of it, maybe an additional variety to tea collection. 

  • Tourism purpose

In the world of buildings and apartments, access to fresh air becomes a luxury whereas the greenery views become eye relaxation. In this state, this course can help you to indulge yourself in the tourism industry where one can pose in your creation of tea garden with the traditional equipment but a modern purpose. 

University offering the course

The Eastern Development Region of Nepal is well known for the production of tea. Nepal provides two distinct kinds of tea which are exported to varieties countries. Almost 90% of Orthodox tea are exported with their own medication purpose as well as a relaxation to the people. Knowing the future of tea industries and the traditional areas of production, Tribhuvan University of Nepal developed the course in 2011 A.D. is a four-year course divided into eight semesters. The course is kept under the Institute of Science and Technology (IoST). 


Candidate must have completed their high school in any discipline like science or any equivalent from a specific board or a university that can be recognized by Tribhuvan University. 

There are limited seats for this course which is 24 in total. 5 seta are kept for the tea associations whereas 5 seats are reserved for candidates of free students union in Mechi Multiple Campus. The children of the teachers or staff of Mechi Multiple Campus are given one of the total seats where the deserving one is awarded whereas the remaining 13 seta s are kept for open competition among the interested applicants. 

Admission procedure

The form can be collected from the respective department of Tribhuvan University or Mechi Multiple Campus. The form needs to be filled and must be submitted with the photocopy of your +2 mark sheet and the payable amount set according to the IoST within the deadline. The documents mentioned below should be submitted in order to appear for the entrance test:

  • Photocopy of a Character Certificate
  • Photocopy of SLC or equivalent mark-sheet
  • Photocopy of your High School transcript
  • Original Migration certificate
  • Stamp size photograph ( one) for your college identity card and two passport size photos to be recorded within college documents
  • Photocopy of your citizenship or passport if you are not Nepalese 

Affiliated College

There is only one college offering this course to the interested students. This is why we have limited seats and reserved intake every year. 

Mechi Multiple Campus (MMC)

Address: Bhadrapur, Mechi

Contact no.:  023-455044


As a whole, the course is developed with a detailed study of the current status and holds a strong future to the graduates as they can work both ways as in technical as well as managerial direction. 

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