Nepal Nursing Council License Mock Test

Nepal Nursing Council Licensure Exam Model Exam questions: Set 1

Nepal Nursing Council license Exam Model questions. exam

Sample Questions for the Nursing Licensure Examination

Nepal nursing council license exam sample questions

1. 37 ℃ = ? ℉
2. What is the main aspect of handwashing?
3. Normal respiration of adults?
4. Normal urine output of adult per day is?
5. 4 pint of Normal saline should be provided within 24 hrs, Nurse should regulate I/V at?
6. Catheterization should be done in Female pts.
7. What should be assessed before giving Digoxin?
8. A pts is to receive 2mg of Digoxin. You have 2ml of medicine which contains 4mg/ml. The Nurse should administer
9. After the birth of a baby, a newborn baby should be wrapped to maintain temperature otherwise heat loss occurs through
10. Rheumatic heart disease is caused by?