The CMAT (Central Management Admission Examination) is carried out by the Tribhuvan University Faculty of Management. Each student to the Tribhuvan University program, BBA, BBM, BPA, BTTM, BBA-F, and BMS, must appear in the examination.

Take a Free Online CMAT Past Papers mock test. Questions based on 2017 (2074) exams by Tribhuvan University(TU) Examinations.

Verbal Ability

Direction: In the following questions choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the capitalized word.


1. Generic

2. August

3. Kin

4. Hesitated

5. Simulate

Directions: Select the word which is closest to the opposite in meaning of the word in capital letters.

6. Enormous

7. Luminous

8. Arrogant

9. Expound

10. Abridge