CMAT Past Papers 2017 mock test online

CMAT Past Paper 2017(2074): Online Mock test

The CMAT (Central Management Admission Examination) is carried out by the Tribhuvan University Faculty of Management. Each student to the Tribhuvan University program, BBA, BBM, BPA, BTTM, BBA-F, and BMS, must appear in the examination.

Take a Free Online CMAT Past Papers mock test. Questions based on 2017 (2074) exams by Tribhuvan University(TU) Examinations.

Verbal Ability

Direction: In the following questions choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the capitalized word.


1. Generic
2. August
3. Kin
4. Hesitated
5. Simulate
Directions: Select the word which is closest to the opposite in meaning of the word in capital letters.

6. Enormous
7. Luminous
8. Arrogant
9. Expound
10. Abridge


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