History of Nursing in Nepal

Nursing History of Nepal

Important Dates:

1890 AD (1947 BS): First Hospital of Nepal, Bir Hospital Established.

1928 AD (1985 BS): Four ladies(Vidyabati Kansakar, Radha Devi, Dharma Devi Kansakar and Bishnu Devi Rai) were sent to Allahabad, India for 18 months Midwifery training.

1952 A.D (2009BS): Dr, Uma Devi Das and Ms Rukmini Charan Shrestha were sent to India for staff nurse training.

1956 A.D: 1st school of nursing was opened under Ministry of health with the help of WHO and offered 3 and half years program in Surendra bhawan. 

1959 A.D: Another school under the United Mission to Nepal was established in Nirbhawan. 

1962 AD: The first ANM school was opened at Bharatpur with the help of USAID.

1969 A.D: S.L.C requirement started in nursing. 

1969 A.D: Nepal Became member of ICN(International Council of Nurse).

1972 A.D: T.U took over all health-related program and nursing school was converted to campus naming “Mahaboudha Nursing Campus” 

1973A.D: Prekshya Rajya Laxmi Devi Shah entered in nursing

1977 A.D (2043 BS): Bachelor in Nursing program started in midwifery.

1986 March 14th (2042 BS 1st Chaitra): HMG school of Nursing, Mahabaudha finally move to Maharajgunj in its own building and is renamed Maharajgung Nursing Campus.

1986 A.D: 10% of male enrolled in nursing education (after 4 batches of intake, this policy was stopped). 

1988 A.D (2045BS): Community and Hospital Nursing branch separated in Bachelor level

1989 A.D: Bir Nursing Campus established

1991 A.D: Lalitpur Nursing Campus established

1993 A.D: Entrance exam started to be a part of nursing 

1995 A.D: Masters in Nursing program was started at the Maharajgunj Nursing campus.

1996 A.D: BPKIHS started B.Sc nursing program 

1996 AD (2053 BS): Nepal Nursing Council(NNC) was established.

1999 A.D: BPKIHS started certificate nursing program

2000 A.D: Psychiatric Nursing faculty added in Bachelor in Nursing 

2002 A.D: Bachelor in Nursing program started by private sectors.
        : Bir Hospital was taken over by National Academy of Medical Science 

2003 A.D: Bachelor in Nursing started in Bir Nursing Campus.

2005 A.D: B.Sc nursing program started in Maharajgunj Nursing Campus 

Things to Learn

First President of Nursing Association of Nepal(NAN) Mrs. Lamboo Amatya.

First Doctorate Nurse of Nepal: Dr. Uma Devi Das.

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