CMAT Past Paper 2018

Practice in Real time: CMAT 2018 Mock Questions with solutions

Section 1: Verbal Ability 

Direction: in the following questions, choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the capitalized word.

a) Inconvenience 
b) nonsense 
c) blessing 
d) unreasonable 

a) Lifter 
b) owner 
c) dealer 
d) falconer 

a) Demolish 
b) produce 
c) partnership 
d) surplus 

a) Dissolved 
b) harmonious 
c) unpredictable 
d) disfigured 

a) Child 
b) temper 
c) frenzy 
d) pampered 

Direction: select the word which is closest to the opposite in meaning of the word in capital letters.

a) Chattels 
b) Possessive
c) insatiable

a) Hire 
b) enlist
c) mobilize 
d) display

a) Decayed 
b) unfashion 
c) cutting-edge
d) discontinued

a) Favor 
b) grouse 
c) injustice
d) detest

a) Manage
b) stipulate 
c) refuse
d) dispensable

Direction: select the proper preposition to fill in the blanks in the following questions:

11. Are you still ………..  the same address? 

a) In 
b) at 
c) on 
d) up

12. I am going to Canada ………….  the summer.

 a) On 
b) for 
c) from
d) in

13. ….. you  and me, I think his marriage is in trouble. 

 a) In 
b) across 
c) for 
d) between

14. She’s been like that ……… Her childhood. 

a) From 
b) of 
c) on 
d) For 

15. Lying by the side of the road we saw the wheel ……… A car.

a) In
b) on
c) from
d) of

Direction: in the question given below out of four alternatives, find the answer choice that has the word or set of words that best fits the meaning of the sentence as whole.

16. Country X will never stabilize its economy if it does not ……… its disastrous inflationary spending practices. 

a) Exacerbate 
b) curtail 
c) strengthen 
d) maximize 

17.  A slight permutation of the soil’s setting rate caused the building’s foundation so …….. building being deemed unusable.

a) Settle . 
b) shift 
c) stabilize 
d) liquefy 

18. The mayor’s unpopularity was dramatically demonstrated by his   Performance in the citywide straw poll. 

a) Confident 
b) despondent 
c) impoverished 
d) discouraging 

19. Normally the press secretary is fairly ………..  , but in today’s briefing her face was quite animated and her responses lively. 

a) Subdued 
b) Concise 
c) harmful, 
d) subjugated 

20. The publicity surrounding the mismanagement of the company’s capital damaged the company’s credibility with investors, but the company remained solvent largely on account of its ……. Market share

a) Evolving 
b) stable 
c) climbing 
d) steady 

Direction: Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow the passage, based on the options to each question. 

Critics of Mark Twain’s novel Huckleberry Finn, view the protagonist’s proclamation “All right, then, I’ll go to hell” in chapter 13 as the Story’s climax Twain’s novel lent itself to such radical interpretations because it was the first major American work to depart from traditional European novelistic structure, thus providing critics with an — unfamiliar framework. The remaining twelve chapters act as a counterpoint, commenting on, if not reversing, the first part in which a morality play receives greater confirmation. Huck’s journey down the Mississippi represents a rite passage, in which the character’s personal notions of right and wrong come to constant conflict with his socially constructed conscience by the various people and Situations the protagonist encounters. The novel’s cyclical structure encourages critics to see the novel’s disparate parts as interlined; the novel begins and ends with the boys playing games. Granted, this need not argue to an authorial awareness of novelistic construction; however, it does facilitate attempts to view the novel as a unified whole. Nevertheless, any .interpretation that seek to unite the last few chapters with remaining book is bound to be tenuous. This is not because such an interpretation is unnecessarily rigid, but because Huckleberry Finn encompasses individual scene of the protagonist’s self-recognition that are difficult to accommodate — in all-encompassing interpretation. In this respect, the protagonist can best be linked to the Greek tragic figure, Oedipus.

21. . The author most probably mentions the novel’s cyclical structure in order to
Demonstrate that Twain was keenly aware of novelistic construction
Show that the remaining twelve chapters have little connection to the rest of the novel
Argue that Twain’s protagonist has much in common with Oedipus
Provide support for a particular critical interpretation of Twain’s work

22. Which of the following best expresses the main idea of the passage?

Twain’s novel contains some chapters that resist easy inclusion into a unified interpretation
Twain’s novel was the first major American novel to discard traditional European structure
The protagonist of Huckleberry Finn is considered a modern-day Oedipus by, critic
The unconventional structure of Huckleberry Finn indicates a lack of authorial awareness

23. By all-encompassing interpretation the critic means

There is same interpretation every time
All interpretations are coming in the future
The interpretation cannot be confined
This is a false interpretation

24. The novel’s

Conventional structure encourages critics to see the novel’s disparate parts as , interlined
Cyclical structure encourages critics to see the novel’s disparate parts as interlined
Stereotypical structure encourages critics to see the novel’s disparate parts as interlined
Adult style structure encourages critics to see the novel’s disparate parts as interlined

25. The novel provides the critic with unfamiliar framework because

it was the radical in type
It was written on about the games
An adult is the protagonist
It was written in America

Quantitative Ability

Direction: Find the best answers for the questions given below.

26. The sum of Rs 550 amounts to Rs 946 in 9 years with simple interest. What is the rate of interest, percent per annum?

a) 7

b) 8

c) 9

d) 6

28. 9+99+999 +9999 = ?

a) 111006

b) 11106

c) 11007

d) None of these

29. A cricket team won 55% of the total “number of matches it played during a year. If it lost 30% of the matches played and 3 matches were draw, the total number of matches played by team during the year was

a) 108

b) 12

c) 18

d) 20

30. A merchant gains 20% by selling an article for Rs 480. What percent would he have gained or lost if he had sold it for Rs 430?

a) 7.5% gain

b) 7.5% Loss

c) 6.5% gain

d) 6.5% loss

31. The ratio of chickens to pigs to horses in a farm is 10 : 2: 3. If there are 120 chickens in the farm, then the number of horses in the farm is

a) 25

b) 36

c) 40

d) 24

32. The average of five numbers is 25. If four of the numbers are 30, 29, 25 , and 20. The averages of the three larger number is .

a) 26

b) 27

c) 28

d) 29

33. The average age of a husband, his wife and daughter three years ago was 27 years and that of the wife and daughter 5 years ago was 20 years, Husband’s present age is.

a) 35

b) 40

c) 32

d) 45

34. If 12 persons can complete a work in 4 days. In how many days – can 8 persons complete that work?

a) 4

b) 10

c) 6

d) 8

35. A train of 300 meters long is moving at a speed of 54 km/hr and it took 40 seconds to cross a bridge. The length of the bridge is

a) 250m

b) 300m

c) 325m

d) 350m

36. The height of a room is 6 m and the length is twice the breadth. If the area of the floor is 162 m? the area of the four walls of room is

a) 324m

b) 360m

c) 720m

d) 648m

37. Value of

a) 6 log 2

b) log 2

c) 1

d) -1

Direction: In the following number series one wrong number is given. Find out that wrong number.

38. 12, 23, 43, 85, 166, 327, 648

a) 23

b) 43

c) 85

d) 166

39. 444, 300, 200, 136, 87,84, 80

a) 300

b) 200

c) 136

d) 87

42. The factors of x4 ÷ 4 are

a) (x2 + 2)2

b) (x2 + 2) (x 2 – 2)

c) (x2 + 2x + 2)(x2 – 2x + 2)

d) None of these

43. If y is both the cube and the square of an integer and y is between 2 and 100, the value of y is:

a) 8

b) 16

c) 64

d) 80

44. If the product of two integers is odd, then sum of those two integers must be.

a) Odd

b) Even

c) Prime

d) A perfect square

45. Select the correct statement.

a) Every identity matrix is a scalar is a matrix.

b) Every diagonal matrix is an identity matrix.

c) Every scalar matrix is an identity matrix.

d) A square matrix whose each element is 1 is an identity matrix.

46. If A and B are two sets and A ∪ B = A ∩ then

a) A = ∅

b) B = ∅

c) (A ∪ B) = ∅

d) A = B

47. There are seven semester based program in bachelor level under Faculty of Management, T.U. if, one can select two programs at a time, in how many way a candidate select the program?

a) 14

b) 7

c) 1

d) 21

48. Which one is the best measure of dispersion?

a) Range

b) Mean Deviation

c) Quartile Deviation

d) Standard Deviation

49. The area of a circle is given by:

a) 2πr

b) πr2

c) πr2h

d) 2πr2

Logical Reasoning

51. Forecast : Future :: Regret : ?

a) Sins

b) Present

c) Past

d) Predict

52. Well : Depth :: Word : ?

a) Book

b) Meaning

c) Letter

d) Alphabet

53. Entrance : Exit :: Loyalty : ?

a) Dishonesty

b) Honesty

c) Love

d) Treachery

54. Circle : Circumference :: Word : ?

a) Book

b) Meaning

c) Letter

d) Alphabet

54. Shoe : Foot :: Hat : ?

a) Face

b) collar

c) Mouth

d) Head

Use the information given below to answer the questions that follow.

Saroj, Hari and Shyam started their journey from City A to City B at the same time. Shyam took Saroj on his moped, while Hari started walking towards City (B) Shyam dropped Saroj somewhere on the way, asked him to continue walking towards City B, drove back and met Hari walking towards City (B) Ail three of them reached City B at the same time. While the walking speed of Saroj and Hari was a uniform 5 kms per hour, the speed of the moped was a uniform 20 kms. per hour. The distance between the two cities was 70 kms.

56. How much time did they take to reach City B from City A?

a) 3.5hrs

b) 6.5 hrs

c) 14.0 hrs

d) 4.0 hrs

57. How long did Hari walk?

a) 4.0 hrs

b) 5.0 hrs

c) 2.5 hrs

d) 6.5 hrs

58. What is the total distance travelled by the moped?

a) 70 kms

b) 100 kms

c) 130 kms

d) 200 kms

59. At what distance from City A, was Hari when Shyam and Hari met?

a) 20.0 kms

b) 50.0 kms

c) 57.5 kms

d) 32.5 kms

 60. Find the best answers for the questions given below.

a) 30°

b) 45°


d) 20°

61. The number of squares in the given

a) 25

b) 35

c) 45

d) 55

62. If PEARL is coded as SHDUO, how is COVET coded?





63. If ‘I’=9 ‘LOVE’ = 54, how will you code ‘YOU’?

a) 51

b) 55

c) 61

d) 65

64. The missing number is the following table is

a) 579
b) 357

a) 106

b) 58

c) 82

d) 68

65. If 5 boys write 5 pages in 5 minutes in how many minutes can a boy write one page?

a) 4 minutes

b) 5 minutes

c) 6 minutes

d) 7 minutes

66. Find the. total number of “u” in the following

Blue, clue, front, vacuum, curry, buoy, celluloid, cuisine, cumulous, effluence, annual, hydraulic, innuendo, mould

a) 20

b) 18

c) 16

d) 14

In each question below you will find four words, three of which are alike in same way respect, they have something in common and belong to one category. Only one word is different from them; it does not belong to the category to which the other three belong. Find out the word which is different from the rest.


a) Help

b) Cooperate

c) Enquire

d) Encourage


a) Father

b) Mother

c) Niece

d) Son


a) Moon

b) Sun

c) Lamp

d) Flame


a) Pin

b) Nail

c) Screw

d) Hammer


a) Ant

b) Spider

c) Bee

d) Moth

Discover the similarity between two arguments:

72. “If only the good die young then not good people die old” Logically the above statement is most similar to which of the following?

a) If only intelligent people take test then no one who is not intelligent takes this test.

b) If only insects have six legs then only mammals have four legs.

c) If only doctors can prescribe drugs then pharmacists cannot prescribe drugs.

d) If only small things are beautiful then only not small things are ugly.

73. “Since all dogs I have seen have tails so all dogs have tails.” The statement given above is logically similar to which of the following?

a) Since all fires I have seen are very hot, all fires cause great destruction

b) Since all people { have met are friendly no unfriendly people exist.

c) Since food is necessary for survival all people eat.

d) Since all horses I have seen are fast, all horses are fast. 7

74. “The sky is cloudy so it may rain.” The statement given above is logically similar to which of the following?

a) He has not worked he will fail.

b) Students are absent, the teacher will not teach.

c) They are happy so they will dance.

d) The cold war is at the freezing. point it may result in shooting war.

75. “Do not take sugar because you have diabetes” is logically similar to:

a) Do not play as you are hurt.

b) Do not read as you have weak eye sight

c) Do not sing as you have hoarse throat

d) Do not speak as you are not asked to speak.

General Awareness

In each of the following questions, select the best answer choice.

76. Which province lies a famous religious place “Swargadwari”?

a) 6

b) 5

c) 4

d) 3

77. The ‘black flag’ signifies,

a) Revolution

b) Danger

c) Protest

d) Truce

78. Iron man. of Nepal is known as:

a) Janga Bahadur Rana

b) Ganesh Man Singh

c) Bhim Samser Rana

d) Pratap Malla

79. GATT is already dead but GATT is alive in the name of

a) UN

b) WTO


d) ITC

80. Oxygen in our blood is transported by a protein named:

a) Keratin

b) Collagen

c) Hemoglobin

d) Platelet

81. Entomology is science and its study is related to

a) Bird

b) Insect

c) Animal

d) Space

82. Which country has the highest per capita income in 2017

a) Luxembourg

b) Switzerland

c) Japan

d) Australia

83. The people of Denmark is called:

a) Denmen

b) Denmarkian

c) Denian

d) Danish

84. Which one is the national game of Bhutan?

a) Archery

b) Jhopa

c) Cockfight

d) Jinsin

85. Who wrote a famous religious book “Ramayan”?

a) Kalidas

b) Sri Krishna

c) Valmiki

d) Ramchandra

86. Hitler’s-party that came into power in 1933 was called

a) German social party

b) Nazi Party

c) Hitler social party

d) People’s party of Germany

87. Where is the permanent secretariat of SAARC?

a) Kathmandu

b) New Delhi

c) Islamabad

d) Colombo

88. Which country does not have written constitution?

a) America

b) India

c) Japan

d) None of the given options

89. A tax “VAT” is the full form of:

a) Value after tax

b) Value and tax ,

c) Value added tax ,

d) Value adjustment tax _

90. Who invented steam engine?

a) Charlies Babbage

b) Thomas Alva Edison

c) Michael Faraday

d) Nikola Tesla

91. Which one district of Nepal touches both India and China?

a) Darchula

b) Nam

c) Rautahat

d) Kanchanpur

92. Who is the current president of FNCCI?

a) Binod Chaudhary

b) Bhawani Rana

c) Pashupati Murarka

d) Chhandi Raj Dhakal

93. How many players play Polo sports?

a) 4

b) 5

c) 6

d) 7

94. “war and peace” was written by:

a) Maxim Gorky

b) Leo Tolstoy

c) William Wordsworth

d) Oliver Twist

95. When did Prithivi Narayan Shah attack and conquered Kantipur?

a) 1758

b) 1768

c) 1778

d) None of these

96. Which one is the world’s deepest valley?

a) Sindhu valley

b) Indus valley

c) Java valley

d) Arun valley

97. “Indra Jatra” was first initiated by:

a) Gunkamdev

b) Mandev

c) Shivdev

d) Pratav Malla

98. Which one is the correct name of first computing device?

a) Dos

b) Lotus

c) Abacus

d) None of the above

99. What does the abbreviation “http” stands for?

a) Hypertext transfer protocol

b) High task termination procedure

c) Harvard tele text proof

d) None of the above

100. Where was the “18th Asian Game 2018″ held?

a) Bangkok

b) Manila

c) Dubai

d) Jakarta

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