Masters in Business Administration-Banking and Finance


MBA BF is an abbreviation of Masters in Business Administration-Banking and Finance. Banking and finance have been a core of interest for today’s generation whereas the graduate in management field is what every profession demand. MBA is a graduate degree that comprises the practical study of management and leadership skills whereas MBA bf is an upgraded version of the MBA specialized in the field of banking and Finance.  The course is a two years graduate degree divided into four distinct semesters that covers theoretical understanding, practical application, seminars and events, analysis and business strategies as well as workshops to deal with current business organizations. 

Objectives of the course

The prior aim of the course is to generate skillful, creative, innovative and extraordinary MBA graduates who can visualize in the field of markets in local as well as the global level that includes microfinance to banks and other financial services. Some of the objectives of MBA-BF are mentioned below:

  • To produce knowledgeable and competitive skilled manpower in business areas like finance, accounts, markets, and management
  • To upgrade the verbal as well as the writing skills of the students about the analysis made
  • To enhance the capacity of a student in working with a team 
  • To develop professionalism within the graduates
  • To grow the concept of diverse and rapid changes in the global business scenario
  • To develop the decision-making ability within the students
  • To analyze the ethical issues and make a rational decision
  • To produce the strategic abilities among the scholars so that  they can be versatile in the world of business
  • To make them differentiate between qualitative and qualitative analysis so that they can solve management issues 
  • To develop the ability for  strategic analysis using both theoretical and practical application would become easier for the students

Scope of the course

Today’s world is a generation of business where profit comes with the services rendered. In this case, one cannot just be sincere with books but has to deal with different scenarios in order to upgrade themselves. MBA-BF facilitates you with management ability and leadership quality as well as focuses you in the field of finance through banking ideas. The general scope of this course are as follows:

  • Corporate Analyst
  • Private banks
  • Educational Institutes
  • Finance departments in industries
  • Government banks
  • Stock exchanges
  • Microfinance and cooperatives
  • Business process outsource
  • Business Consultant
  • Finance head

Universities offering the course

Tribhuvan University is the only university offering MBA-BF. There are other universities dealing with finance as a lead subject but MBA-BF is offered only by Tribhuvan University in Nepal.

Course details

The course follows a GPA or grading system and semester where attendance is compulsory that must not be less than 80% if total working days. There is a provision of internal assessment that includes attendance, seminars, workshops, presentations, classroom activities, case studies and so on. The students are given the internship program as a part of their studies and research writing as well.  


One must have completed their bachelors in a relevant field like management which can be three years program or a four years program with their sound academic background. They must appear for entrance test and secure a seat in the merit list. 

Offering college 

Lumbini Banijya Campus

Address: Devinagar, Butwal

Contact no.: 071-540500071-546245


As a whole, MBA-BF is an appropriate course for those who want to develop their career in the finance and banking sector as they are guided with the financial techniques to deal in the level of the global market.  

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