Master of Nursing in Paediatric Nursing (MN Paediatric Nursing)


Master of Nursing in Paediatric Nursing is a two-year program in affiliation with Tribhuvan University. It is approved by the Nepal Nursing Council. Paediatric Nursing also called Child Health Nursing is one of the four specialty areas under offered the Master of Nursing degree. Paediatric Nursing deals primarily with providing medical care to neonates until they become adolescents. This program is designed for those students who have completed their Bachelors in Nursing and are interested in childcare and well-being.


The objectives of this course are as follows:

  • to produce efficient manpower in the field of pediatrics
  • to produce quality nurses that can work in various environments
  • To produce nurses capable of working in a high-level position


As the M.Sc in Paediatrics is a specialized program, it has a limited scope. However, it is still possible to get a job in different places, organizations, and agencies. Some of the job opportunities available after the completion of this course are:

  • Clinical Paediatric Nurse
  • Clinical Paediatric Nurse Consultant
  • Nurse Manager

Course Availability

This course is currently only provided by Tribhuvan University (TU) under one of its institutes, Institute of Medicine (IOM). This course is available in Maharajgunj Nursing Campus in affiliation with TU.

Maharajgunj Nursing Campus

Maharajgunj Nursing Campus was established as a nursing school in 1956 under the Directorate of Health Services, Ministry of Health of Nepal. It was incorporated into the Institute of Medicine, TU in 1972, after the introduction of a new education system. It was named Mahaboudha Nursing Campus, but the name was changed to Maharajgunj Nursing Campus after the college was moved to Maharajgunj, in the premises of IOM. Regardless of its location or name the college has over the years been providing quality education and producing competent manpower to the health care system of the country.

Address: Maharajgunj, Kathmandu

Phone no.: 01 4720334



Course structure

The courses that are taught in this program are distributed throughout those two years. It includes both theory and practical courses.

First Year

The first year consists mainly of general courses which must be taken by all students taking the Master of Nursing program. The advanced courses, however, are specific to each of the specialty courses. The course, therefore, varies depending on the specialty course chosen by the students. These are the courses taught in the first year of this program:

  1. Nursing Theories and Models
  2. Epidemiology and Statistics
  3. Nursing Research
  4. Educational Science
  5. Health Services Management
  6. Advance Nursing Theory I: Paediatric Nursing
  7. Advanced Nursing Practical I: Paediatric Nursing

Second Year

In the second year of this program there are core and specialty courses. The courses of second year are:

Core course:

  1. Thesis Writing and Viva Voce

Specialty course:

  1. Advanced Nursing Theory II: Paediatric Nursing
  2. Advanced Nursing Practical II: Paediatric Nursing


The applicants must fulfill the following criteria in order to apply for this course:

  • Post Basic (Bachelor in Nursing/Nursing Science)/General Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • 1 year training experience after the completion of Bachelor in Nursing program,

The applicants must have achieved the degrees from TU or any other academic institutions recognized by TU.

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