Engineering Entrance Preparation Classes in Nepal

Engineering Entrance Preparation Classes in Nepal [Courses offered, cost and other details]


Engineering is a field of study which includes the use of scientific and mathematical knowledge to design, test, and build/invent things that can primarily be used by mankind. It is considered a very important profession in society. It is a profession suitable for those who enjoy challenges and Maths and Science subjects.

Engineering is a growing profession in Nepal. It has always been considered one of the most prestigious professions in society. The number of institutes providing engineering course as well as the number of students who want to study engineering has increased rapidly. Engineering course in Nepal is provided by the following universities and some of their affiliated colleges.

  • Tribhuvan University (T.U.)
  • Purbanchal University
  • Kathmandu University (K.U.)
  • Pokhara University
  • Mid-Western University
  • Far-Western University

Engineering Entrance Exams

Entrance exams for T.U. are given by the Institute of Engineering (IOE). For the other universities, the entrance exams are given by the universities themselves. The details of the IOE entrance exam is given below.

Test syllabus for IOE

This exam tests the knowledge of the candidates in 5 different subjects. It is a computer-based exam which lasts for two hours.

English (22 marks)

This part of the test includes comprehensive reading passages while focusing on

  1. General English
  2. Technical English

Chemistry (20 marks)

This section of the test will include questions from the following topics

  1. Language of Chemistry and Physical Chemistry
    • Atomic structure
    • Electronic Theory of Valency
    • Oxidation and reduction
    • Periodic Classification of Elements
    • Molecular Weight and Mole
  2. Non-metals
  3. Metals
  4. Organic chemistry
    • Saturated and Unsaturated Hydrocarbons

Physics (40 marks)

  1. Mechanics
  2. Heat
  3. Optics
  4. Sound
  5. Electricity
  6. Atomic Physics and Electronics

Maths (40 marks)

  1. Set and Function
  2. Algebra
  3. Trigonometry
  4. Calculus
  5. Vectors

Engineering Aptitude Test (18 marks)

  1. Concept of Polygons (Triangle, Square, Pentagon, Hexagon, and Octagon), Circle, Inscribing and Circumscribing Circle, Introduction to Geometrical Solids (Cylinder, Cone, Prism, and Pyramid) 
  2. Orthographic Views of Lines and Surface and Geometrical Solids, Objects consisting of plane surfaces, curved surfaces, and rectangular/cylindrical holes.
  3. Two-stroke and Four-stroke Engines, Petrol and Diesel Engines, Renewable Energy. 
  4. Traffic Signals, Cement, Aggregates, Bricks and Stones. 
  5.  Voltage and Power, Series and Parallel Electric Circuits, Transformers, Energy Resources, Electrical Energy Generation, Measurement of Electric Current
  6. Diode and Transistor, Number System, Logic Gates, Memory, CPU, Input/Output Devices, Operating Systems, Internet and Email.

Application criteria

The candidate must fulfill one of the criteria in order to be eligible to apply for the IOE Entrance Exam

  • Passed +2 Science or equivalent exam from the Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) or A Level with an aggregate of 45% or more
  • Have a diploma in Engineering or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry, and 2 Mathematics papers (worth 200 marks total) and an aggregate of 45% or more. Students that have completed their final Higher Secondary exams can also apply for the exam.

Seat Selection Process

The seat selection is primarily based on merit however, the course priority of the students will change which course you will get into. There is also a 10% quota available for females, which will also affect the seat selection process.

Entrance Preparation Classes

As mentioned above, engineering is a growing profession in Nepal. It is highly competitive, to get into a college which is a constituent or affiliated college of IOE. The most difficult college to get into is Pulchowk Campus, which is a constituent college of IOE. There are different educational consultancies that have preparation classes for IOE  entrance exam.

Top Entrance Preparation Classes in Kathmandu

PEA Association

Progress Engineering Academy (PEA) is one of the oldest and most renowned institutes for IOE entrance preparation in Nepal. It has been providing quality education and support to the students wanting to study engineering since it was established in1994 A.D.

Contact details

Address: Jaycees Marg, Thapathali

Phone no.: 01 4245730, 4257187

E-mail: –


Class availability

Total hours in a course package: 350-450

Morning classes: 6 am to 10 am

Day classes: 12 pm to 4 pm

Fee structure and scholarship opportunities

Registration fees: Rs. 3,000

Tuition fees: Rs. 24,000

PEA books: Rs. 2,000

Model Test/Computer Based Test (CBT): Rs. 3,000

TOTAL: Rs. 32, 000

Scholarship opportunities: –

Special discount on pre-booking scheme

Other programs
  • Pre-engineering Course

SEA Engineering Academy

SEA is also one of the renowned academic institutions for IOE Entrance preparations. They have also been quite successful in producing students that do well in the IOE Entrance Exams. Besides preparing the students for exams, they also consult their students and help them choose the right engineering path based on their aptitude.

Contact details

Address: Shikhar Biz Centre, Thapathali

Phone no.: 01 4101611, 4101612



Class availability

Morning class: 6:30 am to 11 am

Fee structure and scholarship opportunities

Total fees including books: Rs. 15,000

Other programs
  • Entrance exam for B.Sc. CSIT

OCEAN Engineering Academy

Established in 2071 B.S., OCEAN is one of the new and renowned institutions for those preparing for a B.E. program. It has gained popularity due to successful results in the exams.

Contact details

Address: Maitighar Mandala

Phone no.: 01 4246390



Class availability

Morning class: 6:30 am to 11 am

Fee structure and scholarship opportunities

Total fees including books: Rs. 15,000

Other programs


PI Academy

PI Academy is one of the newest educational institutions for IOE entrance exam preparation classes

Contact details

Address: Maitighar Mandala

Phone no.: 014260880



Class availability

Morning Classes: 6 am to 10:40 am

Day Classes: 11 am to 3:20 pm

Fee structure and scholarship opportunities

Booking Fees: Rs. 2,000 (conditions apply)

Total fees: not specified

Other programs
  • Entrance exam for B.Sc. CSIT

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