We all are familiar with choosing the appropriate stream before high school. SEE has been a threatening exam since every long for the students whereas the choice of science, commerce or humanities has been a concern for the students as well as parents beforehand.  But the irony is SEE seems to be a difficult task but then its a gateway to life further because it allows us to choose the stream that we prefer but the major subjects can be entered only after the high school.

As we choose management stream in our high school, we are given choice for some subjects like business studies, business maths, computer, marketing, economics, hotel management, and travel and tourism. Besides, most of the subjects are a compulsion for us.

As we go with accountancy as a major in our high school, the ultimate subjects for us further tend to be Chartered Accountant, Business Administration, Business Studies, Business management and so on. Here are the details about two major subjects the student choose in order to build their career:

  1. BBA

BBA is an abbreviation of Bachelors in Business Administration. It is an undergraduate course available for the students who are interested to build up a career in the sector of business administration. In the context of Nepal, several courses with their identical concepts in making the students as a competent administrator.


There are plenty of colleges across Nepal offering the course in Nepal in affiliation to various national and international universities with the course structure designed to make the students learn the theoretical portion in a practical manner through an internship.

Objectives of BBA

  • To produce the proper administrators in the field of business
  • To make the students ready to deal with middle-level managerial tasks
  • To make the students carry out the clerical jobs in a sophisticated way
  • To develop leadership and communicative nature within the students because business cannot be any talks event unless that becomes a strategy
  • To make the students creative to deal with practical obstacles in business
  • To prepare the students for upcoming graduate level students with enough capabilities

2. BBM

BBM is an abbreviation of Bachelors in Business Management. It is also an undergraduate course for the students that is for four years and eight semesters in details. The course is designed to innovate leaders in the field of business to manage the tasks within an organization or an enterprise. The course is comparatively newer that is established to fulfill the loopholes in the business filed because everything requires proper management.


There are 56 colleges across the country offering the course in affiliation to various recognized national universities.


  •  The prior objective is to develop managerial skills within the students
  • To make the effective task functioning within the area
  • To prepare students for upcoming internal obstacles within an organization
  • To develop the   skills within the students that occurs during the effective management
  • To make the students commanding enough with adequate skills and knowledge to lead the further field they enter in.
  • To develop the ability to make an effective decision in an organization.

Similarities in BBA and BBM

The courses have various similar subjects with common objectives as well. Both allow the students to enter the world of business. “Entrepreneurship” is the core topic what both the subjects aim to provide for the students because being innovative, creative and conceptualized thinking is what every student must have. Both the subjects can be approached by the students belonging to the management stream as well as the science stream during their high school.

Differences in BBA and BBM

The name itself seems to be similar to most of the youths who have just completed their high school but the word administration and management differ in reality. Administration comes under management whereas proper management can only result in the smooth administration in an organization.

  • Management by its meaning refers to the arrangement of people by their tasks and dealing the situations occurring at the various time whereas administration refers to the procedure of running an organization
  • BBM aims in producing capable managers in real whereas BBA has been producing the efficient administrators
  • BBA develops operational and administrative skills within the students whereas BBM  sharpens the managerial skills

Besides, here are some of the major things to be considered by a student before choosing a subject for their career:

  • The students must know their interest in the beginning.
  • The students should review the course, their details, subjects included in order to select them for their careers.
  • A good college must be preferred by the students in order to turn out the theoretical knowledge with the practical effectiveness in real.
  • Dedication in what you’re enrolled in is a must for every individual either a student or a one into the professions.

As a whole, the course content can be compared and studies but the one cannot be dominant because every individual has a distinct field of interest. In this case, the major destiny for the students can be a manager or an administrator which has their owns status and importance in the field of business society.

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