MBA IT: a ‘technical way of entering the world of business’

What is IT?

IT is the abbreviation of Information Technology; the emerging concept that deals with the storation and actions of information on a daily basis with the use of technology. IT is a need of today’s world as there is no limitation of actions and activities that is beyond the human capacity but then humans are successful enough in making them technically managed. Information technology is the system that exchanges or processes the electronic data that are manually entered into the physical devices through the means of storage, computing and networking. Thus, IT is the design and implementation of computer networks for data processing and communication.

Study of Information Technology

Information Technology is important for every business and other activities as it makes the data processing efficient , rapid and reliable. Human cannot act as continues as machines do and physical devices can move towards the specific direction when given the required information by the users. Therefore, there is undergraduate, graduate course and trainings  offered to the students realising the importance of information technology in today’s world. Bachelors in Information Technology, Bachelors in Information management, Bachelors in SCience in Computer Science and Information technology are some of the major courses offered for undergraduate students which has their respective masters course and various short term IT trainings as well.

What is MBA IT?

MBA IT is the abbreviation of Masters in Business Administration in Information Technology. MBA is well known for its course designed to develop managerial skills among the students that makes them access to a large business network. MBA IT is the technical way of making the students enter into the world of business with the use of computing and networking. MBA IT is a course that combines the managerial skills MBA with the use of technology with the efficient procedure of information and electronic data management. It provides the skills to manage the information technology and employees with the combination of the knowledge of business administration with a specialised course on information security, telecommunications and IT project management. In this evolving business world, managerial skills cannot solely drive the leadership of an individual. This is why, the the technical idea is a must because there is no limitations in business and management careers. Thus, MBA IT is a course that deepens the knowledge in business administration with the development of computing, networking and programming skills applicable in the sector of business, management and administrations.

Purpose of MBA IT

  • Wider scope as it is appropriate combination of managerial skills and technical abilities
  • Global market seems to be convenient with the use of telecommunication and database computing
  • Varieties of field to enter in like outsourcing, e-commerce, IT and ITES sector.
  • Dedicated IT leaders with the concept efficient, rapid and reliable transaction
  • Higher productivity, high quality research works and appropriate use of time in this competitive business world
  • Build skillful manpower with problem solving, and software and applications developing capabilities
  • Self-motivated It entrepreneurs to initiate the sustainable online business
  • Capable individuals to deal in the stage of global marketing

Requirements for MBA IT

MBA IT is a course offered to the students in Masters having background of  Bachelors of Information management (BIM),Bachelors of Computer application ( BCA), Bachelors in Science In Computer Science and Information technology (BScCSIT), Bachelor of Computer Information System (BCIS) , and  Bachelors in Engineering BE (Computer/ Electronics/Communication or in any engineering subject area). We can say that MBA IT is a course offered to the students with the background of computer, application, information technology in order add up the business idea, managerial skills and administrations concept.  

In Nepal

Tribhuvan University; one of the oldest university of Nepal offers the course of MBA IT managed under the Faculty Of Management in Nepal. The intake of students will be highly competitive with three-stage screening evaluations:

a. SOMAT written test for MBA students.

b. Group discussions

c. Individual presentation on a given topic.

d. Personal interview by the expert panel.


The candidate must have 15 years of formal education (12 years of schooling and three years of graduation).

The candidate must have secured a minimum CGPA of 2.0 or 45 percent in Bachelor’s level..The students will be selected on the basis of their performance scores in the admission tests.

The students must provide the details of their personal information and past academic records in order to apply for the MBA program. The application blank and this brochure will be available form the SOM reception during the office hours. The application form  can be downloaded from the school’s website ( The completed application along with the transcripts and certificates should be submitted to the office as per the publicly notified time.

At the time of submission students pay Rs. 1000 for admission tests. The fee needs to be deposited in the account  no. 0501010000163 at the Global Bank and the deposit voucher submitted along with the application.

The interested students can contact the address mentioned below:

School of Management

Tribhuvan University
Location: Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal

Contact number : 977-1-4332719  : 977-1-4332718

Email :

As a whole, MBA IT is the most relevant course for all IT entrepreneur to enter in the world of commerce and business.

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