What after SEE exams?

SEE stands for ‘Secondary Education Examination’ which denotes the board examination of grade ten for the school level students. This is also said as an “iron” gate for the students as it allows them to enter into the field they wish to. As we get promoted to high school after this, SEE has been one of the serious examinations of all time that is conducted on a regional basis with no privatization of questions and school-based schedules. Therefore, SEE is the evaluation of educational standard in an area that has its own peculiarities unlike other annual examination in a school.

Before it was known as SLC (School Leaving Certificate) which was renamed SEE in 2016 with the introduction of grade system. The student’s performance was evaluated in percentage before the division where “Distinction” was said to be the highest grade. After renaming the examination as SEE, students are given grades as (A+, A, B+, B) and so one with their respective grades whose total is said to be 4.0. The marks obtained are not visible but the subjects are graded instead. A+ is said to be excellent that ranges from 3.6 GPA to 4.0 whereas A denotes 3.2 to 3.6 GPA. Similarly, there is a variation of the upper limit and lower limit for the grades where E is said to be extremely poor but not failed.  

As the students appear the examination, they are given break from the monotonous continuous studies before the publication of results. While the students love to utilize the time for their personal development by following their hobbies, developing the interest, taking training and session and all other kinds of stuff, there are plenty of institutes offering the bridge course to the students to prepare them for the upcoming course they are willing to choose and career counseling too. Here are the major things that the students can do immediately after the end of their SEE:

Follow their passion

There are students with a genuine interest in the field of art like dance, sing, acting and so on which could not be given priority due to their studies and class hour. This is the time that can be utilized for upgrading their passion. One can attend a different form of dance classes, go for singing coaching or act an acting career with the help of theatres.

Learn some music

Music is a strong emotion for almost every human being belonging to various age groups. The choice may differ but music cannot be denied. One can learn to play some instruments like piano, guitar, harmonium, tablas and so on because the skill never fades away but can recognize one as a multifunction personality.


Art is a diverse field that expresses one’s words and concept through the presentation and colors combination. One can go for portrait making, painting, oil painting, stone art and so on. Therefore, one can learn drawing, painting, designs, photography, filmmaking, sculpture, printmaking, videos and craft.


When we are made to be within the same periphery for years for the reason of studying, why not to travel during the free days. Traveling is the real way of learning because you learn with sightseeing and that actual feeling. Traveling is fun at most. Thus, why not to travel to various places, around the corners and roam within the corridors to get that actually feels of a vacation.

Bridge Course

As the name suggests, bridge course is the course given to the students that link the mind of SEE appeared students with the course they wish to prefer during their high school. Bridge course is a very effective way to create a base for their high school studies rather than to spend leisure time with no productive works.

Personality development classes and training

There are various opportunities made available to SEE appeared students to help them grow and excel in their life that teaches some practical facts about life and guides the innocent minds with the access to extraordinary opportunities and lifelines. This does not simply pends the time but actually develops self-confidence, self-reliance, and the positive spirit within them.

Which course is the right one for you?

This time is the crucial time period for them as they are given an authority to take a wise decision to decide where they want to get enrolled in. Here are the major fields that the students choose after their SEE as soon as the results get published or even before that to establish themselves in the field of their interest. :

  • A-levels
  • Science
  • Commerce
  • Humanities
  • Law
  • Education
  • Diploma/ CTEVT

Here are the details about the above-mentioned streams that can guide the students to enter into their career-oriented areas:


A level is a course offered by the foreign universities in Nepa. We can find plenty of colleges referring to Cambridge university that offers A-levels course in Nepal. This does not demand the mark sheets of the students and takes the admission within a month as SEE ends. This is an international course for students that are further categorized as science and nonscience.

A level refers to advance level qualification that aims in making students creative and analytical. The main significance of the course is that the students don’t have to follow the same optional and compulsory course but can design the subjects combinations of their own with the relevant subjects to be categorized into science and non-science. This is to say that they can carry on with the subjects that sound interesting to them and move on with the subjects that are good at.

The course is the two years one like the high school where the first year is said as AS and second known as A2. We don’t have a compulsion of the most followed subjects and timing too. Thus, this is an influence of foreign styles of reading in Nepal. You can apply for bachelors after the certification of A Level that comes with the combination of your performance on AS and A2.  


Science is a faculty the students can get into after the publication of their SEE results. Affiliated to the National Education Board (NEB), you can get into the physical group of biology.  You can also go or CBSE board organized by some of the colleges that are affiliated with the Indian board of studies. Physics and biology can be a familiar topic for SEE appeared students but the division if vast further because you aren’t choosing this as a branch of science but being into the group preparing yourself for the career.

According to NEB, there are five compulsory subjects in each group whereas biology students can go for extra maths in grade 12. Science is said to be the tough stream compared to others because facts are never easier. But it’s all about one’s interest and one’s capability for which no one should be judged beforehand.

Why choose science?

Science is said to be a practical subject which is known for the production of doctors, engineers, IT specialists further.  Science as subjects deals with innovation, technologies, discoveries, mechanism and so on. It takes principles and facts categorized into the subjects.  You need to go for science if you are interested in medical courses because it needs biology and engineering that requires various principles. There are various other fields that can be approached by science appeared students like agriculture, veterinary, forestry and so on. The plus point of science e is that you can choose the subjects offered to management and humanities students during your bachelors as it makes the students more practical and hardworking because science is not easy. Choose science after your SEE if you are not sure of what you will be doing further and knowledge is never worthless whether you learn physics, chemistry or mathematics. You can jump into the commerce as well as humanities further with a degree of science in your intermediate level.

Besides, a good grade is a must for good colleges and faculties. There is a demarcation of C+as a minimum for the students willing to study science in their high school that prefers students from optional mathematics in their schooling.


It is also known as Commerce that basically deals with accounting because commerce requires transactions. The course is best for the further Managers, entrepreneurs, managers, businessperson and so on. It tool involves five major subjects out of which three can be chosen by the students either to be a mathematical one or deal with marketing, talk about business or go with the computer, learn economics or for hotel management and so on.

Accounts is a must if you want to go with commerce for which choosing accounting in your school level can be a plus point for you. The oriented students can go or economics as well as per the rule of your school permits. The student can further involved in the major courses like Bachelors in business Studies/ Administration/ management, Charter Accountant (CA). Computers can choose Bachelors in Information Technology/ Management and much more. The plus point is you can go for the subjects offered to the students of humanities as well.


Previously known as “Arts”, humanities are the subjects for the students interested in literature. It is affiliated by National Education Boards (NEB) itself. The subject is an interesting one with the adequate course designed in relation to custom, tradition language, literature, history, ancestry and so on. It deals with Mass Communication, Journalism, Rural Economics and sociology as well. It is affiliated by National Education Boards (NEB) itself.

You can build up a career in the social field that can be law, international relations, social work, political science or can go with a subject as a major one.  They can go for development studies too. Thus, humanities in a truly affiliated subject which have its own kind of courses offered in bachelor’s as well that comes with the perfect combination of aesthetic and knowledge.  


Education is one of the oldest yet an evergreen subject that is a stream in itself that covers the actors like educational policies, tools, and techniques to the course designing and curriculum. It is offered by the National Education Board (NEB) in Nepal.  When all the other streams are focussed on the subject orientation and a profession, it aims in providing the students with the knowledge of education. This is the broadest field as it involves further specialization that does not simply end one’s career in teaching but can go with a researcher and curriculum designer that every other educational field demands. They can go for case studies to initiate innovations in the field of education.


Law is a stream in itself. Considered as social science, the law is a diverse field of all because it is required in almost every sector like medical, multimedia, networking and so on. This is due to the fact that nothing can go without a procedure and limitation for which genuine regulations are maintained by the law itself.

For the student’s interest in advocacy, they can join law right after their SEE whereas the students belonging from any streams can joint the course during the bachelors (BALLB). Even the graduates can go for a double bachelor with LLB course that is being offered in Nepal knowing the importance of law in diverse working areas.

Diploma/ CTEVT

CTEVT stands for The Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training. This offers the diploma courses for the students that is more a practical course rather than the course which deals with books and theories. They prepare the students to be capable enough to present themselves in the market with the skills within them an adequate knowledge at the same time.  The course facilitates the nation with skillful and technical human resources and mainly take involvement in policy making, quality control, strategies formulation, needs assessment, research basis, competence curriculum development and so on.

Some of the popular CTEVT or Diploma courses are as follows:

PCL Nursing (Staff Nurse)

Diploma in Pharmacy

Diploma in Agriculture( plant & Veterinary science)

Diploma in Engineering ( Civil, Computer, Electrical, Electronics, Architecture,    

    Network, Automobiles)

Diploma in forestry

Diploma in Dairy Technology

Diploma in Information Technology

Diploma in Hotel Management

Certification in Diagnosis Radiology

Certification in Medical Laboratory Technology

There are top colleges for respective streams within Kathmandu valley and out of the valley. You can also place yourself in top colleges and add up a better involvement in your resume. Therefore, good grades are necessary for better opportunities.

As a whole, there are plenty of options after SEE that the students need to think about before enrolling in one of them. This must collide with their aim and the course must be interesting for an individual in order to excel in your studies and career further.

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