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After the completion of SEE, students pursue higher secondary education. Higher secondary education level is known as +2 or 10+2 in Nepal. It is a two-year full-time course. There are different streams available in Nepal, which the students can choose from based on their strengths, interests, and preferences. One of the popular streams among future +2 students is science. Science is a competitive stream, and good grades in both the SEE as well as entrance exams are required in order to get into good colleges or take up the science stream in general. Since there is a high demand for taking up the science stream, there are many colleges in Nepal that provide +2 science course.

Higher secondary education in Nepal is run by the National Examination Board (NEB). Therefore, all colleges that provide +2 courses, which includes the colleges that provide +2 science courses, are affiliated to NEB.

Course outline

The general course outline for most of most colleges for +2 science course is similar to the one shown below. In some colleges or higher secondary schools, both biology and computer science are compulsory in the first year, and some colleges allow students to take biology and also take mathematics as an additional subject in their second year.

First Year





Biology/Computer Science

Second Year





Biology/ Mathematics


For +2 level the results are letter-graded. The students can get a grade between A+ to E. the students who get a D grade or below can take a re-make exams in order to get a better grade. If the grade achieved in the re-make exam is lower than the original grade, the better/higher grade will be considered.

Here are the Grade Point Average (GPA) and percentage comparisons to the letter grading.

Grade Percentage GPA

A+ 90-100 3.7-4

A 80-below 90 3.6-3.3

B+ 70-below 80 3.2-2.9

B 60-below 70 2.8-2.5

C+ 50-below 60 2.4-2.1

C 40-below 50 2.0-1.7

D+ 30-below 40 1.6-1.3

D 20- below 30 1.2-0.9

E 0- below 20 0-0.8

Advantages and disadvantages of +2 science colleges


  • Quality education
  • The science course makes it easy to change stream in the future
  • Easily available/accessible in most places


  • not recognized on the same level as A-level science colleges internationally

Scope after completion of the course

After the completion of +2 science course, students can continue their education in any science-related subjects like medical science, engineering, and computer technology, as well as arts, humanities, and management-related subjects. This is one of the reasons why the science stream is often chosen by many students. It is a flexible stream because if in the future, students change their minds and no longer want to pursue science or related fields, they can easily choose to study other fields.

Top +2 science colleges

Bishnu Memorial Higher Secondary School

This school is one of the best schools in Nepal. It has been providing students with quality education and successful results for 25 years. Their quality education, along with excellent management, administration, and faculty have made this school quite popular.

Address: Acharya Line, Dharan

Phone no.: 025 520816, 522051



Budhanilkantha School

It is one of the most renowned schools in Nepal, which is also quite difficult to get admission. It is known as one of the finest schools in Nepal and has been recognized as such for many years. 

Address: Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu

Phone no.: 01 4371637, 4370248



DAV High School

DAV was established with not only providing education but also spreading culture, philosophy, and spiritual knowledge, and it has been successful in doing so.

Address: Dhobighat, Lalitpur

Phone no.: 01 4257325, 5536626



Gandaki Boarding Higher Secondary School

Established in 1966, this school has proved itself as an amazing educational institution providing standard education to students over generations.

Address: Lamachaur Road, Pokhara

Phone no.: 061 440414, 440398



Little Angels’ School

Little Angels’ is one of Nepal’s renowned schools. Established in 1981, it has been providing quality education to its students and has achieved impressive results.

Address: Hattiban, Lalitpur

Phone no.: 01 5251111



Prasadi Academy

Prasadi Academy is considered not only one of the best +2 science colleges but one of the best +2 colleges in general as it has over the years been providing quality education along with an efficient learning environment for the students.

Address: Manbhawan, Lalitpur

Phone no.: 01 5530562, 5541117



Sagarmatha Secondary School

This school is one of the educational institutions, which works in order to not only provide education to the students but develop skills that will help them prosper in the future as well.

Address: Nayabazar, Pokhara

Phone no.: 061 532798, 533507



St. Xavier’s College

This is also one of the renowned colleges in Nepal, which also has international recognition. It has established itself as an exemplary educational institution and has been producing qualified and efficient human resources.

Address: Maitighar, Kathmandu

Phone no.:  01 42213650, 4244636



Trinity College

Trinity is one of the popular colleges in Kathmandu for +2 science. Along with high-standard education it provides other facilities in order to provide the students with the best possible learning experience.

Address: Dillibazar Height, Kathmandu

Phone no.:  01 4445955, 4445956



V. S. Niketan School

V.S. Niketan is a well-reputed educational institution that over the years has proven to provide quality education and a good learning experience for the students.

Address: Minbhawan, Kathmandu

Phone no.: 01 4111602, 4106576, 41111899



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