Compulsory English Regular Class 12 2075 subcode 004 A

NEB- Grade XII 2075 (2018) Compulsory English(004’A’)

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Subject Code: 004’A’

NEB- Grade XII

2075 (2018)

Compulsory English 

For Regular Students 

Time – 3 hrs 

Full Marks – 100

Attempt all the questions. 

1. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow. [5×3=15] 

The condition of environment is a matter of great alarm and concern today. The environmental conditions have degenerated to such an extent that it has become a worldwide issue. Pollution at all levels, that is, air, water and soil knows no bounds. As if this is not enough, the whole ecological system has been disturbed because of man’s urge to control nature. The extinction of a number of rare species, depletion of ozone and wide deforestation forcing the creatures of the wild to territories of men (and hence disturbing the balance of the ecological system) are only some examples.

There is a distinction between the environmental threats faced by the developed nations, such as the United States and Western European Countries, and the developing nations, such as India and Mexico. Whatever the nature of the crisis, most of the environmental problems faced by the developed nations are the result of the overconsumption whereas the problems faced by the under developed and developing countries are the result of under consumption. It is usually said that the people in the poor nations fall ill because they are undernourished whereas the rich counterparts in the first world fall ill because they overeat. Same is the case with the environmental problems. The Americans and to a lesser extent, Western Europeans, Japanese and other residents of developed nations, are more likely to own one or more cars, purchase more food and clothes than subsistence levels require, and use considerable amounts of electricity. As a result, there is more pollution, creating environmental problems. 


a) According to the passage, what has become a worldwide issue today?  

b) How has the ecological system been disturbed? 

c) How are the environmental threats of the developed nations different from the developing nations? 

d) What is the common concept about the poor health status of the poor nations?

e) Which sentence in the passage informs us that air, water and soil are polluted? 

2. Answer any five of the following questions. [5×3=15] 

a) What is the central idea of the poem, “God’s Grandeur “? 

b) Write a paragraph to describe the outing as Thomas would describe it. (A Story) 

c) What is the old man’s motive in murdering the boy? (Purgatory) 

d) Give a short account of the life of the people of Karnali. (Hurried Trip to Avoid a Bad Star ) 

e) Describe the three dimensions of love in “About Love ” by Anton Chekhov. 

f) Sketch the character of Mrs Mooney. (The Boarding House ) 

3. Answer any one of the following questions. [10] 

a) Write an essay on “An Old Man Remembers”. 

b) Discuss the dreams of Martin Luther king. (I Have a Dream) 

4. Write the nouns of the following adjectives as in the examples. [5] 

 Examples:  Expensive: Price 

                    Deep: Depth 

a) high 

b) wide 

c) thick 

d) heavy 

e) fast 

5. You are feeling depressed. Make wishes in three different ways. [5] 

6. Change the questions below to information questions. [5] 

a) Are we having tomato/chicken/mushroom soup today? 

b) Was it raining/foggy/cold when we were in London? 

c) Are you going to boil/fry/scramble those eggs? 

d) Are there four/five/six of you? 

e) Are you Margaret’s cousin/brother/nephew? 

7. How would you describe a person who ………. [5] 

a) ………. gives away a lot of money. 

b) ………. believes whatever you tell to him. 

c) ………. doesn’t boast. 

d) ………. expects good things to happen. 

e) ………. easily loses her temper. 

8. Write the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone. [5] 

9. Look at the sets of words below and decide what each set has in common. [5] 

a) Arson/blackmail/assault. 

b) Stew/grill/roast. 

c) Ford/Volkswagen/Citroen. 

d) Rubber/Leather/Plastic. 

e) Major/Sergeant/Corporal. 

10. You’ve just come back from a disappointing holiday. Tell a friend how it was different from what you had expected. [5] 

11. Continue the sentences below with a deduction as in the example. [5] 

 Example:  A: Her bed room light is on. 

                  B: ………. so she must be reading in bed. 

a) He’s got lovely Suntan ………. 

b) She’s driving a Ferrari ………. 

c) He speaks excellent Spanish ………. 

d) He isn’t wearing a uniform ………. 

e) I can hear music next door ………. 

12. Write two paragraphs about the g

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