Masters of Education in Science Education


Master of Education (M.Ed) is a two-year program which recently got divided into four semesters. Knowing that quality education is important for the development of a person and country, this course was designed to produce qualified educators and educational planners in order to improve the education system and education.

M.Ed in Science Education is a program offered by Tribhuvan University, which focuses mainly on chemistry. In T.U. all the M.Ed programs have the same general course structure. There are 3 different types of courses in M.Ed They are Professional (Core), specialization, and electives. M.Ed in Science Education is a specialization course designed for those who are interested in learning and teaching science, specifically chemistry.


The objectives of this course are as follows:

  • produce qualified science/chemistry teachers
  • produce qualified science/chemistry teacher educators
  • produce experts like educational planners that are efficient in the field of education
  • teach students innovative practices, introduce and promote them in the field of education
  • produce efficient and competent manpower, that can develop the education system


After the completion of this course,the graduates will be able to apply for various private and government jobs. Some of those jobs are:

  • science/chemistry teacher
  • consultant
  • science/chemistry teacher educator
  • educational planner
  • Curriculum developer

Course Availability

This course is currently provided by Tribhuvan University only. It is conducted by the Faculty of Education (FoE) of T.U. 

Central Department of Education, Tribhuvan University

Tribhuvan University is the oldest university of Nepal. It currently has 38 central departments. The Central Department of Education is one of the oldest central departments under T.U. It is a faculty department under the FoE. T.U. is known for its quality education and is one of the best universities in Nepal. Besides that, it also falls in the top 1000 universities of the world.

Address: Kirtipur, Kathmandu

Phone no.: 01 4331337, 4333229



Course structure

As mentioned above, all courses under M.Ed. have the same basic outline. Among the three courses professional and specialization courses are the two main courses of this program. The professional course is same for all the students taking the M.Ed. program. Specialization course vary and so do electives as they are dependent on the specialization courses. These are the different course areas included in the three courses.

  1. Professional (Core) Course
    1. Foundation of Education
    2. Advanced Educational Psychology
    3. Curriculum Planning and Practices
    4. Education and Development
    5. Research Methodology
    6. Contemporary Educational Issues
    7. Measurement and Evaluation in Education
    8. Educational Planning and Management
  2. Specialization Course
    1. Inorganic Chemistry
    2. Organic Chemistry
    3. Natural Product Chemistry
    4. Biochemistry
    5. Physical Chemistry
    6. Modern Science Teaching
    7. Food Chemistry
    8. Teaching Chemistry
    9. Environmental Chemistry
    10. Research and Statistics
  3. Electives 

One elective course must be chosen among the ones that are offered. These are the electives offered for M.Ed. Science Education

  1. Nuclear Chemistry
  2. Polymer Chemistry

Semester System

T.U. has recently started following the semester system. As mentioned above, the M.Ed. program is four semester long program. Through the four semesters, the students have to take different courses. For each course, there are paper(s) the students have to take in order to complete the course. Credit hours are distributed based among the courses based on their requirement. One credit hour is equivalent to 16 classroom lectures.

First semester

Professional (Core Course):  3 papers – 9 credit hours

Specialization Course: 3 papers – 9 credit hours

Total: 18 credit hours

Second semester

Professional (Core Course): 2 papers – 6 credit hours

Specialization Course: 4 papers – 12 credit hours

Total: 18 credit hours

Third semester

Professional (Core Course): 1 paper – 3 credit hours

Specialization Course: 5 papers 15 credit hours

Total: 18 credit hours

Fourth semester

Professional (Core Course):  1 paper

Elective: 1 paper

Thesis Writing: 1 paper

Teaching Practice: 1 paper

Entry requirements

In order to apply for this course, the applicants need to meet  one of the requirements mentioned below.

  • A degree in Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) with major in Science Education
  • A degree in Bachelor of Science and a year of B.Ed.

The qualifications must’ve been achieved from Tribhuvan University or any other institution that is approved by T.U.

In order to be able to be admitted into this program the students must also pass the T.U. entrance exam for M.Ed.

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