Master of Arts in Music (MA Music)


Having said that music acts as a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything, MA Music is a graduate course for graduates who have completed their bachelors in this particular performed art. Masters of Arts in Music is a two-year course focussed on the study of music with a semester evaluation and grading system. The course is a combination of academic classes, performances, practical music classes, research and sound archive, publication and communication. The curriculum is designed in such a way that make the graduates familiar with Nepalese music as well as South Asian music. 


The prior aim of the course is to prepare students for the fieldworks like research as well as the thesis to shower them with knowledge of music and detailed study within it. The major objectives of the course are as follows:

  • To produce competitive musicians in the field of music
  • To motivate the learners and produce the traditional as well as modern musicians
  • To safeguard the traditional theme of music in the nation
  • To make the students familiar with varieties of music
  • To develop the interest, study materials, performances, research and documentation of Nepalese music 
  • To preserve, promote the Nepalese as well as foreign musical standard in Nepal
  • To get the musical standard to a recognized level and add up some creative achievements as well
  • To cope up the traditional music ethics with modern recordings on a current media platform 
  • To contribute to the field of hospitality, travel and tours, tourism, cultural politics, international presentations, media work, and other public and private sectors

Scope of the course

When the world is full of professionals with a hidden passion, the passionate study is highly appreciated. Performed arts are never ignored because they are the one with high demand in varieties of purposes. The major scope of MA in Music are as follows:

  • Musician
  • Media person
  • Mentor
  • Music therapist
  • Television production assistant
  • Arts administrator
  • Marketing assistant

There are visible qualities when one gets a degree in music that involves communication skills and ability to work in a team (teamwork). One usually has a good memory and concentration and can also work under pressure. The specific skills involve planning and organizing, self-disciple, critical thinking as well as IT skills.

Universities offering the course

Masters of Arts in Music is a very new as well as highly preferred course by someone who is made to function in the field of music. Kathmandu University is the only university offering the course in Nepal. 


One must have completed their bachelors in Ethnomusicology ( four years course) and completed with an average cumulative grade point average GPA of 2.5 out of 4.0.  It is better when the candidate hols musical aptitude as well as performance background. They must pass the entrance examination with their musical skills, language proficiency, and analytical abilities. 

Affiliated College

1. KUSOA (Kathmandu University School of Arts) 

Address: Hattiban, Lalitpur

Contact no.:  01-5251306


2. Kathmandu University Department of Music

Address: Bhaktapur

Contact no.: 01-4479505


The interested candidate can also study the course of music or the instruments in Lalitkala Campus under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University which is located in Kirtipur, Tinkune. The contact number is 00977 014249681 whereas you can reach the site through 

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