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The trend of going abroad for studies has become very common in Nepal. Once students have completed their higher secondary education, many of them will start to prepare for the application process in order to study in a foreign country. Among the numerous countries Nepali students go to, Japan is one of the most popular destinations. There are quite a few consultancies in Nepal for Japan, which has helped ease the process of applying to Japanese universities and the visa process for the students.

Why Japan?

There are many reasons why Japan is rapidly gaining popularity among foreign students. In comparison to many other destinations for foreign students, Japan is cheaper. High-quality education is provided, and a degree from Japan is acknowledged all over the world. Similarly, there are many institutions to choose from and it is easy to get jobs after graduation, especially in technical and education fields. It is also one of the most developed countries in the world and life is more comfortable and easier in Japan. Besides all this, there are many who are intrigued by Japanese culture and lifestyle and therefore, choose to go to Japan. If one is not sure about which destination to go to for abroad studies, then Japan is probably one of the best options.

Best educational consultancies in Kathmandu

There are many educational consultancies for Japan in Kathmandu. Among all the consultancies these are some of the best for Japan.

Hakuho Japanese Language School

Hakuho Japanese Language School is a Japanese language education institute. It was established in 2006 A.D. and since then has been providing excellent services for students who want to study in Japan. It is one of the institutes that is highly recommended by many for Japanese language education.

Address: Devkota Sadak, Baneshwor

Phone no.:  01 4460095



Services offered:

  • Japanese Language Classes; Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), NAT-test, TOP-J
  • Guidance and counseling for Japan

Yatra International Language Academy

Established in 2013, it is one of the institutes that slowly gained its popularity among students who want to go to Japan. It is registered under the Act of Nepal Government. The institution not only teaches Japanese language but also provides the student with other necessary skills to adapt to life in Japan.

Address: Lekhnath Marg, Thamel

Phone no.:  01 4419120


Website: –

Services offered:

  • Japanese language class
  • Educational counseling for Japan
  • Student Visa Application Process
  • Translation: Nepali to Japanese & English to Japanese
  • Cultural exchange program

Yokohama Japanese Language Academy

Another institution which has been helping students who are interested to study in Japan is Yokohama Japanese Language Academy. They are also accredited by the Nepal Government.

Address: Putalisadak, Dhobidhara

Phone no.: 01 4434856, 4434856



Services offered:

  • Japanese Language Course

Chiba Education Center

One of the most popular educational institutes for Japan is Chiba Education Center. It was established in 2008 A.D. and since then has been providing services that satisfy their clients.

Address: Bagbazar – 31

Phone no.: 01 4255184, 4419647



Services offered:

  • Study in Japan
  • Japanese language classes

BJLI Nepal

Established in 2003 A.D,  it is one of the older institutes for the Japanese language. It was established with the purpose of providing better language education Japanese as well as other foreign languages, but primarily for the Japanese language.

Address: Bag Bazar Sadak

Phone no.: 01 4245002

E-mail: –


Services offered:

  • Japanese Language Courses
  • Study in Japan
  • JLPT, J-NAT preparation
  • Study in Cyprus

Kumari Japanese Language School

Kumari Japanese Language School is also a renowned educational consultancy and language school. It is registered under the Act of Nepal Government. It is considered a leading Japanese language school for accommodating the needs of students who want to pursue their future education in Japan.

Address:  Bhakti Thapa Marg, New Baneshwor 

Phone no.: 01 4476500, 4465418

E-mail: /


Services offered:

  • Japanese Language classes
  • Assisting in the application process
  • Translation: Nepali to Japanese, English to Japanese
  • Cultural exchange program
  • Face to face introduction by the representative(s) of Japanese language school, college & university

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