1. On selling an article for Rs.550, a man gains 10%. What should be the selling price, if desired profit is 20%?

2. A man buys a cycle for Rs 1400 and sells it at loss of 15%. What is the selling price of the cycle?

3. A man buys a cycle for Rs 1400 and sells it at loss of 20%. What is the selling price of the cycle?

4. There is a 10% loss if a book is sold at 270, then the cost price of book is.

5. An item when sold for 1690 earn 30% profit on the cost price then the cost price is.

6. A man buys an article for Rs 27.50 and sells it for Rs 28.60. Find his gain percentage

7. If a radio is purchased for Rs 490 and sold for Rs 465.50, find the loss percent

8. A fan is listed at Rs 150 and a discount of 20% are given. Then the selling price is.

9. If a book costs Rs 64 after 20% discount is allowed. What was the original price in Rs?

10. A merchant purchases a table for Rs 450 and fixes its list price in such a way that allowing discount of 10%, he earns a profit of 20%. Then the list price of table is

11. Mohan purchased a machine for Rs 80,000 and spent 5000 on a repair and Rs 1000 on transport and sold it with 25% profit. At what price did he sell the machine?

12. The cost price of 20 articles is the same as the selling price of x articles. If the profit is 25%, then the value of x is:

13. In a certain store, the profit is 320% of the cost. If the cost increases by 25% but the selling price remains constant, approximately what percentage of the selling price is the profit?

14. A vendor bought toffees at 6 for a rupee. How many for a rupee must he sell to gain 20%?

15. Some articles were bought at 6 articles for Rs. 5 and sold at 5 articles for Rs. 6. Gain percent is:

16. Sam purchased 20 dozens of toys at the rate of Rs. 375 per dozen. He sold each one of them at the rate of Rs. 33. What was his percentage profit?

17. A man buys a cycle for Rs. 1400 and sells it at a loss of 15%. What is the selling price of the cycle?

18. A shopkeeper expects a gain of 22.5% on his cost price. If in a week, his sale was of Rs. 392, what was his profit?

19. The percentage profit earned by selling an article for Rs. 1920 is equal to the percentage loss incurred by selling the same article for Rs. 1280. At what price should the article be sold to make 25% profit?

20. A cycle is bought for Rs.900 and sold for Rs.1080, find the gain percent?

21. An article is bought for Rs.675 and sold for Rs.900, find the gain percent?

22. An article is bought for Rs.600 and sold for Rs.500, find the loss percent?

23. The cost price of a radio is Rs.1500 and it was sold for Rs.1230, find the loss %?

24. A watch was sold at a loss of 10%. If it was sold for Rs.140 more, there would have been a gain of 4%. What is the cost price?

25. The sale price Sarees listed for Rs.400 after successive discount is 10% and 5% is?

26. The list price of an article is Rs.65. A customer pays Rs.56.16 for it. He was given two successive discounts, one of them being 10%. The other discount is?

27. A single discount equivalent to the discount series of 20%, 10% and 5% is?

28. What profit percent is made by selling an article at a certain price, if by selling at 2/3rd of that price, there would be a loss of 20%?

29. A trader bought a car at 20% discount on its original price. He sold it at a 40% increase on the price he bought it. What percent of profit did he make on the original price?

30. A man sells a horse for Rs.800 and loses something, if he had sold it for Rs.980, his gain would have been double the former loss. Find the cost price of the horse?

31. By selling a house for Rs.45000, it was found that 1/8 of the outlay was gained, what ought the selling to price to have been in order to have lost 5 p.c?

32. If a man lost 4% by selling oranges at the rate of 12 a rupee at how many a rupee must he sell them to gain 44%?

33. By selling 150 mangoes, a fruit-seller gains the selling price of 30 mangoes. Find the gain percent?

34. The C.P of 10 pens is equal to the S.P of 12 pens. Find his gain % or loss%?

35. The C.P of 15 books is equal to the S.P of 18 books. Find his gain% or loss%?

36. By selling 12 pencils for a rupee a man loses 20%. How many for a rupee should he sell in order to gain 20%?

37. The cost price of 13 articles is equal to the selling price of 11 articles. Find the profit percent?

38. By selling 50 meters of cloth. I gain the selling price of 15 meters. Find the gain percent?

39. Ram sold two bicycles, each for Rs.990. If he made 10% profit on the first and 10% loss on the second, what is the total cost of both bicycles?

40. A dishonest dealer professes to sell goods at the cost price but uses a weight of 800 grams per kg, what is his percent?

41. Ram professes to sell his goods at the cost price but he made use of 900 grams instead of a kg, what is the gain percent?

42. A dishonest dealer professes to sell goods at the cost price but uses a false weight and gains 25%. Find his false weight age?

43. A man purchases 8 pens for Rs.9 and sells 9 pens for Rs.8, how much profit or loss does he make?