BCA Entrance Preparation Quiz: Idioms and Phrases

1. The idiomatic phrase “Spick and Span” means?

2. What do you mean by Novel ___________ ?

3. What the term Short Story stands for:

4. To”Jazz Up” means to___________?

5. “All Hours” means___________?

6. Idiom “A slap on the wrist” means?

7. Idiom “To cut long story short” means?

8. “En-route” means_________?

9. Idiom ” To make amend for” means___________?

10. “Brain Drain” means__________?

11. The idiom “To burry the hatchet” mean?

12. Idiom “Tie the knot” means?

13. The Government ruled by Women is called?

14. “Hold one’s horse” means__________?

15. “Give cold shoulder” means__________?

16. To catch a tartar means:

17. To make clean breast of means

18. She turned heads wherever she went. What does the idiom/phrase “turn heads” mean?

19. My friend is a couch potato. What does the idiom/phrase “couch potato” means?

20. He Was all at sea when he began his new Job.What does idiom / phrase “at sea” means __________?

21. She goes to her mother’s house off and on. What does idiom / phrase “off and on” means

22. “Feel blue” means _________?

23. “Black and blue” _____________ ?

24. “A litmus test” means __________ ?

25. “when pigs fly” means ______?

26. "cats and dogs" means _________?

27. “Keep at bay” means ______________.

28. "At the drop of the hat" means____________?

29. “Your guess is as good as mine” means __________?

30. “Wild goose chase” _________?

31. “Spill the beans” ________ ?

32. “Get your goat” means _____?

33. “Best of both worlds” means ________?

34. “An arm and a leg” means _________?

35. “Achilles’ heel” means ________?

36. “A hot potato” means _________?

37. “Like a sitting duck” means________________?

38. blows his own trumpet

39. In the armed forces, it is considered a great privilege to “die in harness”.

40. He “passed himself off” as a noble man.

41. He could be easily arrested because the police were tipped off in a advance. tipped off means _____________?

42. To smell a rat _______?

43. A man of straw _________?

44. To put one’s hand to plough __________?

45. “Hornet’s nest” means:___________?

46. To end in smoke ________?

47. Pull your socks up:


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