BCA entrance preparation questions for active and passive voice

BCA Entrance Practise Quiz: Active and Passive Voice

1. They will demolish the entire block.
2. This surface feels smooth.
3. Our task had been completed before sunset.
4. We have already done the exercise.
5. Why do you tell a lie?
6. You surprise me.
7. Did you visit a zoo?
8. It is time to ring the bell.
9. The boys were playing Cricket.
10. Who can question Gandhi’s integrity?
11. I take exercise daily.
12. The boy laughed at the beggar.
13. The main skills we seek to develop include analyzing, interpreting and evaluating ideas.
14. She will invite me.
15. I know him.
16. You will praise her very much.
17. Let me do this.
18. They drew a circle in the morning.
19. He presented me a bouquet on my birthday.
20. He did not give up the fight even though he was badly bruised.
21. We should avoid tranquilizer in order to have a good health.
22. She never understood me, whenever I said something.
23. When I am alone, I hear the footsteps of my friend in my imagination.
24. When the men coughed he realized that the men were quite near to him.
25. Passive Voice of "The baby has lost her doll"?
26. Passive Voice of “She will build this house”?
27. Passive voice of “They broke up the table for firewood” is
28. Passive Voice of "She has completed two courses”.
29. Active Voice of “Movies are not watched by him”.
30. Active Voice of “Indiscipline should not be encouraged by us”.
31. Passive Voice of “They held a meeting very early”.
32. Active Voice of “This house is used very rarely by us”.
33. Passive Voice of “The box can contain no more”.
34. Active Voice of “He was being chased by the dogs”.
35. Passive Voice of “The teacher may punish you”.
36. Passive Voice of “Sajid gave the beggar an old shirt”.
37. Passive Voice of “Has someone made all the necessary arrangements?”
38. Passive Voice of “The boy has rung the bell”.
39. Passive Voice of “Someone pulled the bull violently”.
40. Passive Voice of “The people elected him Mayor”.
41. Passive Voice of “People speak English all over the world”.
42. Passive Voice of "Sana is washing her clothes” is _______________________.
43. Passive Voice of “I saw him leaving the house” is _________________.
44. Passive Voice of “The boy did not break the glass” is
45. Passive Voice of “None likes him” is
46. They greet me cheerfully every morning.
47. Who is creating this mess?
48. I remember my sister taking me to the museum.
49. Are they playing match against them?
50. Have you taken a rest?
51. Why does an officer neglect duties?
52. Why did you waste best part of your life?
53. Who designed a car?
54. He was driving a car, when accident occurred.
55. They probably won’t attend lecture tomorrow.
56. I said to her, “Why are you sleeping”?
57. Afridi plays the Harmonium and the sitar is_______also.


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