The Ministry Of Education Is Making Curriculum For Class 11 And 12

The Ministry of Education criticized the poor quality of education in the country, but the program was drawn up to make sure that students receive their certificates effortlessly. Class 11 and 12 have now allowed a total of 30 certificates for change in theoretical (external) and practical (internal) arrangements.

There are 75 abstract and 25 practical reference points for the new curriculum. The curriculum development board, chaired by the education minister, has maintained for the new curriculum the same set of theoretical and practical topics.

Experts claim that keeping the same code number-theoretical and internal and integrating grades by combining the marks of both will enable even the most vulnerable students to qualify for higher education.

The theoretical and practical tests sent by the school are combined with the same language. D plus ratings are thus applied to the composite, with an internal and an external examination comprising 2 marks. The student receiving the D plus receives university admission.

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