Master in International Relations and Diplomacy


In the world of strategies and collaboration, one cannot be focussed only within their field of a specific area. Traveling used to be a refreshment for people but now maintaining a relation between the states has been a major one for existence as well as stability. We live in a world where interaction and international affairs become vital factors for our functioning. Knowing the need for international relations and the art of negotiation, the concept of international relations and diplomacy emerged. Diplomacy simply refers to a delicate act of dealing with the people that creates an optimist impression. Masters in International Relations and Diplomacy is the course conducted for graduates for two consecutive years divided into four distinguished semesters where the evaluation is done under the grading system. 

Objectives of the course

The prior objectives of the course to make the graduates learn about the varieties as well as the complexities of contemporary international relations and diplomacy. Besides, the major objectives of the course are mentioned below:

  • To make the graduates develop a habit of research in-depth as well as study 
  •  To enhance the culture of peace, with non-contradictory dialogues and negotiations in a peaceful direction 
  • To promote trade policies as well as both sided transactions between the states
  • To provide clear visibility of foreign policies
  • To develop the level of understanding reaching to various international affairs, social science as well as philosophy
  • To make the product familiar with geopolitical settings and contribute in up-gradation of the state 

Scope of the course

International relations and diplomacy is the keen necessity of today’s world because adaptation to the foreign policies and the peaceful habit of negotiations is the most. The major scope of the course are as follows:

  • Civil Service Fast Streamer
  • Government Social research Officer
  • Diplomat
  • Policy Officer
  • Public Affairs Consultant
  • Intelligent Analyst
  • International Aid/ development worker

Universities offering the course in Nepal

The course was first introduced by Tribhuvan University in 2014 AD to reduce the inadequacy of understanding of international relations and diplomacy among the citizens. 

Enrollment criteria

You must have completed your bachelor’s degree in any discipline with a distinct score of CGPA 2.0 from a recognized university with a proficient ability to write and speak in English. You must appear for the entrance examination where there are only 50 allocated seats. The prior experience in the field of research and study adds up on your eligibility. The selection, the examination is done under the Office of the Faculty of Humanities and Social science. 

Affiliated College

  1. Central department of International Relations and Diplomacy 

Address: University Campus, Kirtipur, Kathmandu

Contact no.: 01-4335586


The course with a framework of active participation from the students is encouraging factors to make you learn, research on the field. The interaction sessions and theory, as well as practical course study, will make the candidate into the course and more efficient as well. The students will be showered with a knowledge of history, current affairs, regional disputes as well as international agendas that make them more oriented.

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