Why science after SEE?

SEE is an abbreviation of ‘Secondary Education Examination’ that generally denotes the end of secondary schooling for a student. It is an externally conducted examination that is held on a regional basis in the context of Nepal. Previously called as SLC as School Leaving Certificate, SEE is a stage in the student’s life that turns one’s only fun into the career orientation. This is to stay that they are made to have a specialisation that denotes science, commence and arts in general. Similarly, there are other streams too with the availability of diploma courses throughout the country.

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Science as a faculty

As we have seen the evolving science streams colleges and students eager to learn science, first it is important to know about science as a faculty. According to NEB (National Education Board), there are five major subjects in high school. Science has a further classification as physical and biology group which has some variation in response to the subjects.

Physical group

This orients students towards engineering as it is more of a physics and not a biology. It has the respective physical allied field further.

Biology Group

It is the field that denotes the biology as the supreme subjects that is joined by students oriented towards medicine, bio-species and other allied fields.

Computer Group

The Dominant major in this group is computer with other similar subjects within science. It is for the students interested in Computer and related fields.

Peculiarities of science

As we know that science generally denotes the cognitive and practical action that comprises the systematic study of the formation, behavior of the phyrical, biological aspects of world  with the observation and experimentation. Here are some peculiarities of science as a faculty:

  • Diverse field of choice further
  • Lucrative career options
  • Practical way of learning
  • Observation and experimentation
  • Facts with the theories
  • Deep understanding and hard work demanding course
  • Prospective career

Benefits of choosing science after 10

As we came to know about the meaning, groups and  peculiarities of science, some of the benefits that a student can get if they choose science after 10 are mentioned below:

1. Can develop a career into a recognised positions

A student can grow into a doctor, engineer, pilot, lawyers, scientists, researchers  and so on which has been highly preferred professions in our society since decades.

2. Can enter into the field of practicability

Life gets monotonous when you are given assumptions and theories but science deals with practicals, observations and experimentation that makes you understand deep and learn in vague. Practical knowledge can upgrade an individual as they understand better than mugging up the theory based courses.

3. IT field

Students from science can get into the field that never fades away because this 21st century is a digitalised world that has the higher perspectives of experimentation and sue of technology like the platform set by Information technology.  This is to say that they can innovate something on their own with the growth of technology that exists for centuries.

4. Can create a job of their own

Science does not has a limited area to stay on because they are given that understanding to learn on their own, think out of the box. Therefore, they can research on something new which has not been previously studied or developed. This does not only contribute in the field of science but can benefit an individual life loong and even after that.

5. Lucrative career options

It is true that science as a faculty deserves higher level of dedication and hard work from the side of a student but this is to ensure that the career options are actually with the higher profitability. A student with the continuous work towards the desired field can end up with a luxurious life with the higher level of income.

6. Right exposure

Science can give a better exposure to an individual both in their activity as well as knowledge enhancement.

7. Innovation and inspired thinking

Science is that  stream that blesses an individual with the concept of innovation and inspires one to think better than what they usually do. Therefore, science is a key for innovation and inspiration when to comes to one’s thinking.

8. Study of human existence

As we know that whatever we do, it directly relates with our survival because we all matter before anything else. Science is what proves the ways to exist in every perspective that can relate human health to environmental perspectives. Science provides us with an alternatives to live as well dealing with the replacement or reduction in use of non-renewable resources to staying healthy for a longer life than expected.

9. Easier to change the stream later

The main advantage of taking science after 10 is that you can switch your career into whichever stream you like whether it deals with commerce or humanities. So, if you are not sure about your aims and career then let you rharwork propel in science for two consecutive years.

Thus, science is one of the most preferred and highly appreciated streams for students after their 10yr because it makes them work hard, sincere and practical as well that actually enhances the level of one’s understanding; thinking out of the box than the usual concept.

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