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List of A-Level Colleges

A level stands for Advanced Level Certificate also refereed as GCE A Levels. The General Certificate of Education is a high school equivalent in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

A level is an advanced level course which is considered as a school leaving qualification. as well as General Certificate of Education (GCE). It is a prerequisite for getting into universities. It is a subject based qualification. In Nepal, the A level course is taught in affiliation to UK universities. It is a course that has been gaining popularity mainly in and around Kathmandu Valley and considered a good alternative to the +2 level in Nepal. 

Top A-Level Colleges in Nepal


In Nepal, the A-level course is affiliated to the University of Cambridge, Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) board. 


A-level has a good variety of subjects to choose from. It is divided into science and non-science. After the students chose from one of the choose, the students have to pick at least 4 subjects from the options provided to them. 


The internal/terminal exams are graded by the college but the board exams are graded by Cambridge. The marks range from an A*(A star) to E and U which is ungraded or fail.

Advantages and disadvantages of A level


  • It is easier to get into colleges abroad as A level is recognized by many universities.
  • A level colleges usually have better facilities.
  • There are more subjects to choose from. 


  • It is usually more expensive than +2.
  • They are not as easily accessible as +2 colleges

Scope after A Level

After the completion of A level, there is an opportunity to enroll into various universities as well as vocational training courses.

A Level Colleges

These are some of the recognized colleges in Nepal.

Chelsea International Academy

Chelsea is a renowned college that was established in 2005. They are known for giving equal priority to both theoretical and practical education. The institute is also known for providing quality facilities to their students and motivating them to excel higher.

A level toppers 2018:

  • Nepal Topper in Business
  • Nepal Topper in Biology

Address: Lakhe Chaur Marg, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu

Phone no.: +977 4472902, 4483212, 4490349, 4499662

E-mail: mail@chelseainternational.com.np

Website: http://chelseainternational.com.np/

Cosmos International College

Established in 2003, Cosmos is one of the popular colleges to study A level in Pokhara. They are known for their quality education and excellent facilities. 

Address: Nadipur 3, Pokhara

Phone no.: 041 

E-mail: info@cosmos.edu.np

Website: https://school.cosmos.edu.np/

GEMS Institute of Higher Education (GIHE) 

GEMS is one of the most renowned colleges in Nepal not only for their quality education but also for the excellent facilities that are provided to the students. The college also provides a variety of extra curricular activities in college and are very encouraged to help all their students. They are also known internationally as one of the best colleges in Nepal for A level. 

A level toppers 2018:

  • World Topper in General Paper (GP) 
  • Nepal Topper in Mathematics
  • Nepal Topper in Sociology
  • Nepal Topper in GP

Address: Dhapakhel, Lalitpur

Phone no.: 01 5275112

E-mail: info@gihe.edu.np

Website: gihe.edu.np

Little Angels’ College

Little Angels’ is one of the oldest educational institutions in Kathmandu Valley. Established in 1981 as a small school, it has now grown into one of the biggest school and colleges in the valley. Over the years, LAC has touched many people’s lives and it is one of the recognized educational institutions in Nepal.

A level toppers 2018:

  • Nepal Topper in Computer Science 

Address: Hattiban, Lalitpur

Phone no.: 01 5250123, 5250777

E-mail: info@lac.edu.np

Website: http://www.lac.edu.np/

Lumbini International College

Lumbini International College is one of the well established academic institutions in Nepal. They are known for quality education as well as helping their students gain a variety of skills.

Address: Mahalakshisthan, Lagankhel, Lalitpur

Phone no.: 01 5527054, 5531846

E-mail: lic@vianet.com.np

Website: http://licedu.com.np/

Malpi International College

Established in 1998, Mapli has recently become more and more popular. They are recognized as a very good academic education with great facilities for the students.

A level toppers 2018:

  • World Topper in Computer Science
  • Nepal Topper in Biology
  • Nepal Topper in Chemistry
  • Nepal Topper in Physics

Address: Balwatar, Kathmandu

Phone no.: 01 4442066, 4442067

E-mail: admissions@mic.edu.np, mic@mos.com.np

Website: https://www.mic.edu.np/

Rato Bangala

Another one of the institutes in Nepal, widely recognized for their innovative teaching methods. Rato Bangla also has their own teacher training institute. Over the years, they have established themselves in academics and are known for active participation in extracurricular activities.

A level toppers 2018:

  • Nepal Topper in Business
  • Nepal Topper in Economics
  • Nepal Topper in Psychology
  • Nepal Topper in Sociology
  • Nepal Topper in Mathematics
  • Nepal Topper in Nepal Studies
  • Nepal Topper in GP

Address: Patandhoka, Lalitpur

Phone no.: 01 5522614, 5534318, 5542045, 5547620

E-mail: –

Website: https://www.ratobangala.edu.np/

Saipal Academy

Established in 2002, Saipal Academy provides students with quality learning experience. They are known to be committed to help their students to reach their maximum potential. It is recognized as one of the highly competent educational institutions. 

Address: Pipalbot, Dhumbarahi, Kathmandu

Phone no.: 01 4009054

E-mail: mail@saipal.edu.np

Website: http://www.saipal.edu.np/

Trinity International College

Trinity over the years has become a renowned college in Kathmandu. They are known for their quality education and an excellent learning environment in college. They have been able to establish themselves as an academically well established institute. 

A level toppers 2018:

  • Nepal Topper in Sociology
  • Nepal Topper in Accounting

Address: Dillibazar Height, Kathmandu

Phone no.: 01 4445955, 4445956

E-mail: info@trinitycollege.edu.np

Website: http://www.trinitycollege.edu.np/

Xavier International College

Xavier also falls under one of the renowned colleges in Nepal. Both the school and college has excelled in academics and extracurricular activities. For these reasons the college is well known and is also considered one of the best colleges especially for A level. 

A level toppers 2018:

  • World Topper in Computer Science
  • Nepal Topper in Chemistry
  • Nepal Topper in Physics

Address: Kalopul, Kathmandu

Phone no.: 01 4439471, 4439472, 4439491

E-mail: info@xavier.edu.np

Website: https://xavier.edu.np/


S. NoNameAddressContact NumberEmail ID
1Little Angel’s CollegeHattiban5250123, 5250777info@lac.edu.np
2Xavier International CollegeKalopul4439471, 4439472, 4439491info@xavier.edu.np
3Thames International CollegeOld Baneshwor4464584, 4465660, 4499324info@thamescollege.edu.np
4Kathmandu AcademySano Gaucharan4 410 235info@ktm.edu.np
5Malpi International CollegeBaluwatar4442066, 4442067, 4442068admissions@mic.edu.np , mic@mos.com.np
6Kathmandu Valley H S SMaharajgunj4016308, 4016058info@kvhss.edu.np
7Saipal AcademyDhumbarahi4009054/ 4009055mail@saipal.edu.np
8Lumbini International CollegeMahalaxmisthan5527054, 5531846 lic@vianet.com.np
9Orient CollegeMaharajgunj4017813, 4372966, 4720181info@orientcollege.com
10King’s CollegeBabarmahal4224520/ 4224574/ 4225909info@kingscollege.edu.np
11Novel AcademyPokhara61-535629info@novel.edu.np
12Chelsea International AcademyNew Baneshwor4472902, 4499662, 4483212, 4490349mail@chelseainternational.com.np
14Trinity International CollegeDillibazar Height4445955/4445956info@trinitycollege.edu.np
15Ace Institute of ManagementSinamangal4110743, 4110697, 4110795, 4110879ace@ace.edu.np
16Brihaspati Vidhya Sadan H S SNaxal4418010, 4418031, 4419878info@bvs.edu.np
17Kathmandu University H S SDhulikhel4418010, 4418031, 4419878kuhs@ku.edu.np
18Rupy’s International SchoolTahachal977-1-4282907,0977-1-4270540info@rupys.edu.np
19Modern Indian SchoolChobhar977-1-4330163, 4330088mischl@wlink.com.np
20Rato Bangala SchoolPatan Dhoka5534318, 5542045, 5522614, 5547620rbs@mos.com.np
21Budhanilkantha H S SBudhanilkhantha4371637, 4370248nfo@bnks.edu.np
22The British SchoolThapathali5111100/1/2info@thebritishcollege.edu.np
23St. Xavier’s CollegeMaitighar4221365, 4244636ktm@sxc.edu.np
24Campion AcademyLagankhel5535131, 5537959, 5546865campioncollege@gmail.com
25Global College InternationalKamaladi4254866, 4221875, 4251409info@gci.edu.np
26KFA Business SchoolNew Baneshwor4 491414, 4 482290info@kfaltd.com
27Islington CollegeKamalpokhari977-1-4412929,977-1-4420054info@islington.edu.np

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