ultimate list of free online sites for IELTS preparation

Ultimate list of free online sites for IELTS preparation

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. IELTS is designed to check the language ability of the candidate for study or work in a  country where English is used as the language of communication. IELTS is required for entry to every university in Australia.

What are the best online sites to prepare for the IELTS?

There is no such thing as best online site alone, there are number of different websites online with a vast amount of resources which can be used to get an excellent score in your exams. But, we can be very confusing for anyone to find the one which suits you best. Below, we have compiled a list of few of the free available IELTS preparation websites for you.

  1. IELTS.org
  2. British Council Website
  3. IDP website for IELTS
  4. IELTS material
  5. IELTS liz
  6. IELTS blog
  7. IELTS buddy
  9. IELTS edge blog
  10. IELTS Hub
  11. IELTS-simon
  12. IH blog
  13. Ielts-exam.net
  14. Ieltsessentials
  15. IELTSforfree
  16. Magoosh IELTS blog
  17. IELTS Advantage
  18. Ieltsielts
  19. Ted-ielts
  20. Freeieltscourse
  21. IELTSreview.com

Click Here to access a list of resources for your IELTS preparation.

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