BCA Entrance Preparation Quiz: Direct and Indirect Speech

1. She said to the princess, “May you live long”.
2. Sara said,”Alas! I have lost my diamond ring.”
3. They said, “Hurrah! We won the match.”
4. She Said, “My parents are going to Karachi”.
5. My friend says, “I can’t help you, sorry. I have a lot of work to do.”
6. My friend said to me,” I will meet you tonight.”
7. She said,” I visited Peshawar yesterday.”
8. Ahmad said,” I have a dental appointment this evening.”
9. He said, “I need your help now.”
10. My friend said,” I will meet you tomorrow.”
11. He said, "I need some money".
12. He said. "I am studying now".
13. Change the narration of “Sana said, “I will do it now or never”.
14. Change the narration of (He said to the judge, “I did not commit this crime.”)
15. Change the narration. Sana said, “I have already written a letter to my family.”
16. Change the narration. I asked him where he would stay.
17. Change the narration. He said, "The sun is stationary”.
18. Change the narration. You said, “They were busy the whole day.”
19. He says, "They will hurt you".


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